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Favorite Brewery/Brewpub/Winery - Seattle Area

Hey NW 'hounds,

Mr. bakinggirl and I will be out your way the first week of July visiting relatives. We have been out there a couple of times and we've done the Pike Place thing and Chateau Ste. Michelle. This time we're looking for some great local beer, and smaller vineyards/wineries to visit. Or, if there are any great brewpubs or winebars, those are great too!

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  1. I would definitely make a pilgrimage to the Redhook brewery in Woodinville. Take the tour and the samples and stay for lunch or dinner. Live music on Sat. i think. Also other wineries in the area besides CSM. Don't drink wine so can't give you more specifics but a search will bring up many i believe.

    1. there are tons of breweries, brewpubs and wineries...so could you be a little more specific about what you're looking for?

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        Looking for good local stuff, maybe off the beaten path. I know about some of the larger operations, but I'd like to know if there are some smaller breweries and/or wineries that people are excited about. We're locavores, to use a label, so when we travel we like to check out stuff that we can't see, eat, drink anywhere else.

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          For breweries close in to Seattle, I'd check out Big Time, Elysian, Lazy Boy, Elliot Bay, Two Beers Brewing, Laughing Buddha and Jolly Rodger. Farther afield, I'd check out Silver City (Silverdale/Bremerton), Hood Canal, Boundary Bay (Bellingham), and Birdsview (Concrete).

          For brewpubs, check out Collins Pub, Naked City, Pub at Piper's Creek and Beverage Place.

          For wineries, there are a ton of smaller tasting rooms in Woodinville, or if you're going to the penninsula, there are a bunch of fun little wineries out there.

      2. Jolly Roger is Maritime-Pacific's brewpub. Really good food and good beer. It is in Ballard, which has a couple wine bars, too. Can't tell you too much about them as it has been a while since I've been.

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          1111 Ballard Way will be their new home, I see.

        2. My favorite brew pub pretty much anywhere is Brouwers Cafe in Fremont. They have the best selection of beers on tap in Seattle IMO. I would skip Red Hook, their beer is not good.

          1. I second Brouwers, but also recommend Naked City up in Greenwood. They have 20+ rotating taps of only microbreweries, and the guys there are nice to boot.

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              I like the Elysian Brewery and it's beers- there are three locations I think...
              +1 to the Jolly Roger

            2. In Seattle, I like Elliot Bay, Maritime Pacific, all the Elysian locations, and Big Time. The ones I go to the most often are:

              Maritime Pacific's Jolly Roger Taproom in Ballard: Small room, great beer, usually crowded in the evening. You have to stand and try to stay out of the server's way while you wait. The people are pretty friendly, a handful of times when I've been waiting for a seat with a friend, a table with a couple of extra seats will invite us to join them. I love the Lil' Mahi's, they're grilled fish sliders, the handcut fries with herbs and sea salt, and the housemade habanero sauce is good on everything (it's the one in the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones bottle).

              Elysian Tangletown: The bartenders are super friendly and generally hilarious, and I love the beer. They have quite a big variety that they brew, so there's always new things to try when I go in. The fish and chips are good, and I like their appetizers.

              Outside of Seattle, I like the Diamond Knot brewery at the Mulkiteo Ferry landing, Flyers in Oak Harbor, the brewery in Anacortes, and both breweries in Port Townsend. Actually, I think that Port Townsend may be the funnest town for beer that I go to. It's small enough that you can walk between the breweries, the Hop Diggity at the Port Townsend Brewery is one of my favorites in the state, and the Water Street Brewery always has fun events and fun people.

              The Seattle International Beer Fest is July 4th, if you're here then.

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                Great brew, awesome scenery, and some of the best jalepeno battered fish and chips I have ever had.

                IMHO skip the big commercial breweries (Redhook) tourist trap and try some of the more local.

                Start here


                I second the Diamond Knot brewery at the Mulkiteo Ferry landing, they also have one on Camano Island that is called "The camano lodge"

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                  If you do hit San Juan Island, and in you're in the mood for obscure and local, you should visit San Juan Vineyards too:

                  Like most of the wineries in the Puget Sound area, they truck a lot of grapes in from over the mountains; unlike most of them, they actually make some pretty decent (white) wines from grapes grown on-premises.

                  Not much Siegerrebe or Madeleine Angevine on the shelves at the supermarket, generally speaking. Low-alcohol, flowery, tangy--it's definitely a very particular style, food-friendly in my opinion. Obscure and worth a visit.

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                  Boo...we're flying in on the 4th; won't get there until around 11:30pm! And even if there are still events at that late time, I don't think my East-coast body would be able to make the transition that fast.

                  Thanks to everyone who has posted so far - I see some great leads here!

                3. Some of my favorite tasing rooms in Woodinville are: alexandria nicole cellars, brian carter cellars, efeste wine cellars, januik winery, mark ryan winery, novelty hill winery, page cellars, pattersons cellars, red sky winery.

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                    I have to a give a huge +1 to Maritime's Jolly Roger as well. Great fresh beers, always with 2 on nitro draft which is nice, and very good food. I will say that their lunch menu is much better than the dinner menu IMO. They seem to go a bit more upscale for dinner meaning higher prices and not necessarily what I want to eat at a brewpub. That said, lunch is excellent and highly recommended.

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                      I agree on the menu. One time on the lunch menu they had the best french dip I have ever had, anywhere. It had wild mushrooms and a green peppercorn jus. Then they did their seasonal menu rotation, sigh.

                      The dinner menu is a little more high class than I usually want when I'm at a brewery, but you can order off the "bar" menu at any time. So sliders (beef, fish, or oyster), spreaders, onion rings, fries, and a couple of salads I think. I did order a steak there once, and it was really good.

                  2. My opinion on the best beer and brewery in town is Manny's pale ale from the Georgetown Brewery. Not exactly a fancy brewery to visit -- they'll let you taste each of the brews and carry off half gallon growlers, but I don't think there is a tour. They are located in the Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle just north of Boeing Field in a huge old brick edifice that is rumored to have once housed the original Rainier brewery.... Cool neighborhood, certainly off the beaten tourist path, and the beer is excellent...

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                    1. OK, so the food is pedestrian, and spotty, but I enjoy the fresh ales and some of the happy-hour items at Hale's Ales, in Fremont/Ballard, on Leary. I especially enjoy the "Moss Bay Extra" ale (renamed Red Menace, I think, in honor of the Lenin statue in Fremont) and Pickup Andropof Stout. Follow Leary West to the Ballard Bridge and find Maritime Pacific's Jolly Roger Taproom, too, for good taps and pub grub.