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May 4, 2009 01:32 PM

Early Dinner, Mother's Day, UES

We're going to the Jewish Museum (92nd & Fifth) with Mom on Mother's Day. I know, I know, who wants to eat out on Mother's Day. The inlaws are coming in from NJ and I live in Queens so...I do not want a prix fix mothers day menu. Hate them Any type of food will do. Moderate price range. Nice place. HELP!

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  1. Off hand here are some ideas..
    Atlantic Grill is good, Ecco -La, Island, Sfoglia(maybe pricey), Antonucci, Centolire, Beyogolu

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    1. I know I recommend this place all the time, but with good reason. Square Meal is on the same block of 92nd St. as the museum. I would be surprised if they had a prix fixe. They offer a small selections of wine, but you can bring your own for a $2 corkage fee that goes to some charity - I think related to Katrina.

      1. Bistro du Nord on Madison and 93rd is right there. You'll have to call and see what they are doing if anything for mother's day but I think of that as a brunch thing, not dinner

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          My concern about Bistro du Nord is that when it is good, it is quite good, but when it is not, it's not so great and I tend to find that it then seems expensive for what I've gotten. I also find Island overpriced for what it is.