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May 4, 2009 01:27 PM

best CAKE in OC~

trying to find a delish cake for a bridal shower.. i know most of the good LA bakeries which tend to be a bit pricey considering i'm on a strict budget (less than $50ish for 20 ppl). i was thinking of doing the strawberry cake with strawberry icing from french's cupcake bakery in costa mesa since i've tried that before and liked it. however, as i'm not too familiar with the offerings of orange county i decided to look up notable bakeries in the area and came up with:

beverly's best - fullerton
cinderella cakes - costa mesa
french's bakery - 4 locations including costa mesa and irvine
french's cupcake bakery - costa mesa

can anyone advise me as to which one i should go with?? or if there's an OUTSTANDING AWESOME bakery i'm missing, or if there IS a bakery in LA that meets my budget and is still delish?! thanks much!! ^___^

*on a side note, i've noticed that none of my postings ever appear with the NEW TOPIC label on the left side... why is that?? ;p

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  1. Check out the Vans (not Vons) bakeries in Westminster. We ordered a wedding cake from them that was wonderful and less than half the price of other (inluding French's) OC bakeries. The Vietnamese cakes are less sweet and can be ordered with fresh fruit trim if desired.

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      I just ordered a half sheet (serves 45 or so) from Van's. It was iced with a lighter cream and had whole strawberries in the centre. $50. The cake is drier than Americans are used to but it was fine to me.

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        Another Vietnamese suggestion is Lily Bakery (NorthEast corner of Bolsa and Brookhurst in Westminster). I had some of their cake at a friend's birthday party and it was very good. As Marti and DU stated, it was a bit drier and less sweet than a "classic Western style" cake but was very good in my opinion. Also, very reasonably priced as noted....

        Good luck!


    2. For office birthdays, I usually get our cakes from 99 Ranch in Anaheim (Euclid). 1/4 sheet = $28. Very light, fluffy and loved by everyone in the office. They used mixed fruit, but I'm sure you can ask for strawberry only.

      I think new = unread.

      1. Give Layer Cake Bakery in Irvine a try.

        1. thanks guys.. i tend to stay away from asian cakes tho.. phlin- i've tried layer cake and was sorely disappointed.. perhaps it had been hyped up too much for me ;d

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            Try Tomgirl Baking Company in Huntington Beach. Wonyee Tom used to be the pastry chef at some of the best restaurants in NY and LA. She now opened her own custom made cake shop in Huntington Beach. I used her for my wedding.


          2. beverly's best would be my choice here.