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May 4, 2009 01:21 PM

Val Gardena/Ortisei: Hotel Food?

Hi folks:
We are looking to spend a week hiking near Ortisei/ St. Ulrich. Most of the hotels we are looking at have a half-board arrangement. One of the main hotel requirements for us will be food quality-- if we make the wrong choice we are stuck with a week of lackluster food.

Does anyone have recommendations for hotels in the area that serve stellar food? We usually aim for mid-priced accoms, but will up the budget for really good meals.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. The better hiking and by far the better food is one valley over, further east. San Cassiano for example, in the Val Badia. The Hotel Rosa Alpina. No half board so you can eat there or many other very good places.

    1. I have been going to the Hotel Adler in Ortisei for the last seven or eight years and it does have a half board arrangement. BUT it is Sensational with a capital S. Prior to this, we used to stay at places that did not have that requirement. But nothing compares to the Hotel Adler. It is stellar in all ways - not just food, but accomodations , facilities,etc.

      1. Best hotel (and food!) in St. Ulrich (and the area) is Adler. Take their half board and you'll be very happy!

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          Thanks very much for these suggestions. Both the Adler and Rosa look amazing, but the prices are a little too high. Can you suggest the next best places a notch or two down the price chart? Also, I didn't say off the top but we prefer smaller, boutique-ish places over the larger hotels.