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May 4, 2009 01:12 PM

Dining in Memphis, casual to nice

the boyfriend and i will be in Memphis the end of this week. we are staying at the Marriott on the river and not going to rent a car, so near to there or accessible by cab is best. i am looking for recommendations for a nicer place for saturday night dinner; more hip than fancy with an interesting menu (i've got my eye on Circa). also, several cheap eats/lunch recommendations. maybe a good brunch place for sunday morning. any info will be greatly appreciated:)

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  1. For brunch I highly recommend Paulette's in Midtown. I'm currently dreaming of the crabmeat crepes. (

    1. Nice(r) places to eat downtown that I like:
      Felicia Suzanne
      McEwen's on Monroe
      Flight (new place, haven't been)

      The bartender at Encore is fantastic and is one of a few who really cares about cocktails. If that's not important, the other two have a higher-end menu (and prices). Encore is more of a bistro.

      Brunch downtown:
      Majestic Grill (big, loud)
      Circa (I believe)
      Peabody Hotel (classic, old-style buffet with decent food--note haven't been in a long time)
      Silly Goose bar has an interesting brunch with mix your own bloody mary bar. Sounds interesting...havne't been.

      Best brunch in town right now is a cab ride to Midtown to Restaurant Iris. Chef was just recognized as a top 10 young chef by Food & Wine. My parents came for one night and ate their twice.

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        we tried Circa for dinner saturday night and it was a good idea. they have an appetizer option to pick 3 small plates for $5. you literally get one of what you order but for $5 i got to try 3 different apps. my choice's: the french onion soup (defitnely the best), seared tuna w/ seaweed salad, and a crawfish beignet. for dinner i had the duck, 3 ways. that duck breast was among the best things i have ever put in my mouth. it was cooked medium, perfect, juicy. the other offereings were good as well but the breast defintely stood out. my boyfriend had the proscuitto wrapped asparagus app and loved it. for dinner he had the bacon wrapped filet and enjoyed that as well. too stuffed for dessert we opted for a drink that finished off the meal perfectly. overall defintely a good choice for a lovely al fresca dining experience. for brunch we forgot it was mothers day and wound up at Majestic. it was good, just not the atmosphere we were looking for. i enjoyed the salmon hash, and he the eggs benedict.