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May 4, 2009 12:38 PM

Upper East Side Mexican options- Burger One??

Hi there,
Does anyone have any rec's for really good mexican on the UES? I don't mean Southwestern like "Mustang's" or slightly Mexican like "Samalita's"....

I've tried Cilantro, Taco Taco, Blockheads, Sabor A Mexico, Arriba Arriba...

I've heard not great things about Maz Mezcal, so I haven't tried it yet...and according to Menupages, the mexican food on the UES is best found at "Burger One"??

Any help is appreciated!

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  1. Burger One looks great, indeed. I'm a fan of Taco Taco.
    Maz Mezcal sucked, IMO.

    1. Havent tried but Dos Cominos looks good from my peeking in and at the menu-50th/3rd

      1. I would try El Paso Taqueria on 97th between Lex & Park - it's our "go to" place when we crave Mexican. My husband was raving about the pork shank he had a week or two ago. There's also Bistro Itzocan at Lex and 101st - which is more Mexican ingredients (huitlacoche, etc.) cooked using French techniques. The duck quesadilla is wonderful - and the place is well priced for the quality of the food. I wasn't a fan of Cilantro; haven't tried the other places.

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          Another vote for El Paso Taqueria, on 97th. They also have two other location uptown, one on Lexington in the low 100s and one on 116th. Their tacos are very good, ditto their sopa de tortialla. Drinks aren't too good, stick with cerveza.

          1. re: comiendosiempre

            A third vote for El Paso, which is much more authentic (and cheaper) than place like Do Caminos. I've eaten at El Paso many times and never had a bad experience. Don't know about the rest of the drinks but I like their sangria.

            1. re: City Kid

              I actually like their margaritas which I get with whatever their higher end tequila - a waste, perhaps, but I enjoy them.

          2. re: MMRuth

            Climbing aboard the El Paso Taqueria bandwagon. I've had lunch there a few times; the cactus salad and mushroom burrito were very good (although the burrito was a little austere). The coffee is terrible, though.

            Cilantro is eh.

          3. I didn't think that Burger One was any better than the trucks on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens. The tacos are cheap and good, if you are unwilling to leave the neighborhood. They stock Jarritos sodas. There is a truck around 86 & Lex that is good also.

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              That truck is tasty, except I've found that there's something off with their cheese - it tastes and has the consistency of fat-free cheese (ie - bland and does not melt), although I find it hard to believe they would use fat-free cheese. The truck on 3rd and 60th is also very good, but is only there during the day.