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May 4, 2009 12:36 PM

Anyone tried 195 Franklin St in Bristol?

We just moved to Bristol and I'm looking for some good recommendations. I just stumbled upon a review of this, has anyone been? Never heard of it!

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  1. Haven't tried that one but had a great meal at Le Central, French bistro on the main street. Have also heard good things about Redlefsen's. Didn't like DeWulf Tavern -- good food but some serious management problems.

    1. We have never been disapointed at Persimmon on State Street. 195 Franklin is also a caterer, but we have not dined there.

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        persimmon really is great,but theres a few others,quitos for seafood,adains for pub food,cafe central for portuguese,le central on hope with great bistro and tapas.theres 2 really good seafood venders[nicks and andrades],a couple of small markets that hand cut meat[goglias]and 2 bakeries of completely different styles,batista and the amazing bristol bakery ,who just moved into a new spot just out of town.theres even a cute little independent coffee house ,with a great vew right by the beginning of the bike path,the beehive has yummy homemade pastries too.

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          i forgot sams pizza,great crust,great pizza!!!!

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            I went to 195 Franklin about two years ago. The food was average, the portions were incredibly small (and the guests at my table are not big eaters - including myself) and very over-priced. We left there hungry (and ended up going for pizza)!

            The woman who owns it is the sister of the woman who owns L'Elizabeth's in Providence (I guess they both feel the need to over-charge their patrons). From what I heard, she is no longer running it as a restaurant, but just as a catering facility / special function venue. I believe she is better at catering than at running a restaurant. If it is still being run as a restaurant, I see no need to go there while there are so many better choices in the area.

            One place where I have been frequenting the past few months is Redlefersen's. The food is always good, the service is average. Overall it is affordable, and a pleasant experience.

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              I agree with OOliver. About both 195 Franklin (expensive, tiny portions, plus an atmosphere that left a lot to be desired) and Redlefsen's. I've lived in Bristol for four years and visited Redlefsen's just a few times until recently. They've always had good, quality food and an interesting selection of German beers. However, recently, I feel they've increased their appeal with a new bar menu. Last night, I ordered the Kobe sliders ($3.95 each, though I question the "Kobe" claim) and the pomme frites. The sliders were great -- simple with a few pieces of bright red tomato and fresh lettuce and topped with a skewer of tasty olives. You could actually taste the beef. Redlefsen's has always served great fries with certain dishes, but the presentation in a Belgian-style cone with an herb aiolli definitely made it a special treat. My husband had the Red's Wurst on a Roll (a sausage sandwich) and really liked it. The selection of mustards is great.

              They aren't breaking new ground, but I prefer quality and consistency over innovation. Plus, I'm a pushover for tiny burgers and European-style fries.

      2. Thank you all, terrific info!

        1. Great, maybe we will try Reds tonight. We have been to Sam's twice now and love it. I really did have a great experience at DeWolf the other night, awesome food and great service. I got on the email list for 195 Franklin and am still looking forward to trying it next time they offer dinner. I'll let you know!