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May 4, 2009 12:00 PM

z-teca gourmet burritos

There are 3 locations in Toronto, but was thinking about checking out the one that just opened at 327 King Street West (east of Spadina). Any reviews? Thanks.

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  1. It is basically (no make that totally) a rip-off of chipotle, not that that makes it necessarily bad. When I ate there a few weeks ago it was pretty good actually. But don't go looking for anything too original or anything that you can't get in any other chipotle clone.

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    1. re: chrispa

      It's pretty good, not great. Like ^ said it's basically a Chipotle rip off. I enjoyed my burrito, the price was decent, would go back but wouldn't go out of my way.

    2. it's $5 burrito tomorrow May 5th at Z teca

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      1. re: Muffin__Top

        I went for the $5 burrito special today. There was a line-up but moves pretty fast. Nice, trendy looking spot but as well it is situated amongst the other King St restaurants just west of John.

        Wasn't sure at first what was meant by "rip-off of chipotle" and "Chipotle rip off", but now know that there is a burrito spot called Chipotle Mexican Grill. Haven't eaten there yet so I can't compare but it does not measure up to Burrito Boyz.

        Overall, I did enjoy my Grilled Steak Burrito. There was a nice flavour - combination of the chipotle adobo marinade on the steak and roasted tomatillo & jalapeno salsa (medium heat). Not sure if I would go back for their regular prices - a little pricier than Burrito Boyz.

        Happy Cinco De Mayo!

        1. re: pocky

          Happy Cinco De Mayo too! We went to Milagro around the corner to celebrate instead. They had $3.95 margaritas ;-) Good food and good service, too bad it's overpriced but hey, sometime it's worth it for a good margarita!

          1. re: fickle

            Wow, that's a great deal. They have really good margs and I think they're usually $12

      2. I went last week and enjoyed it - had the two tacos - you choose your meat in a soft taco - and then they also give you warm chips and choice of salsa - $6.95 if I recall correctly. Very good and more favourful vs Quesada grill.

        1. I went there recently and enjoyed it, but I would have to rate it third best after Burrito Boyz (nothing beats their halibut burrito) and Chipotles. The reason they're third is primarily due to the quality of the ingredients. The chicken/steak was a little more bland than the other two.

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          1. re: rovr

            I LOVE the halibut burrito at Burrito Boyz!

            I agree, some of the toppings at Z-teca are bland - especially the rice.

            What would you rate the second best?

          2. I still like the Burrito Boyz better but the deal of the day today on is a $20 GC for Zteca for $10 . Limit of 5. They will mail an actual gift card to you. I am going to stock up

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            1. re: ylsf

              Tried the new location at Fairview Mall today, not sure if this location is just being cheap with ingredients, but I have no idea how anyone was raving on here about the bland food they serve there.

              It's fine if you enjoy a burrito stuffed with mostly just plain unseasoned rice, but otherwise you like me will avoid this place.
              I was there for lunch today, and being that the place was empty while the mall was packed tells me that they wont be there long.

              1. re: bbbradk

                Their weekday lunch business is brisk. I was there on Friday and there wasn't a free chair. I've been there a few times for weekday lunch and it has always been pretty packed.

                It's not my favourite chain burrito but it does the trick when i want a burrito for lunch. It's definitely not a destination if you aren't in the area.


                1. re: wontonfm

                  Yeah, I imagine if you worked at the mall a new lunch option would be great considering how rotten the food court is at Fairview, but I was shocked at how little was in the burrito (while we were ordering, someone who had ordered nachos came to complain there was no cheese on them, they charged an extra dollar to fix their own mistake lol)

                  I am a big fan of Big Fat Burrito, I'd suggest the Z-Teca bosses eat there to see how well a burrito can be filled

                  Big Fat Burrito
                  285 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2M1, CA

                  1. re: bbbradk

                    The one on Gerrard usually makes a substantial portion, but yeah, not the most thoroughly spiced thing around.
                    That location also represents a decent option where there are scarse alternatives.

                2. re: bbbradk

                  I'm right there with ya. I went to the Fairview location for lunch and found the ingredient ratios to be awful. It was like a little wisp of pork, and the rest was rice. Very bland/boring.
                  But at least the meat they use is of decent quality, as apposed to say, Bar Burrito.