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May 4, 2009 11:57 AM

Favorite BYOBs?

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Manhattan next weekend and I'm looking for a cool BYOB off the beaten track. We're already planning to hit one of our favorites, Panna II. Any other suggestions? Will travel to boroughs for food!

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      1. re: CMG920

        Kuma Inn was awesome. Just went last night. Snagged a 9pm reservation for two by calling around 6pm. The corkage fee is between $3-5 dependent on the size of your bottle of wine, etc. When we arrived, they offered to immediately chill anything we'd brought with us (unfortunately, we hadn't).

        We had deep fried pork belly (skin was very crispy, like crackling, belly was nice and fatty). Edamame in chili-lime oil was addictive. I love pairing the chinese sausage in chili-lime with a side of garlic rice. Really loved the sauce of the drunken spicy shrimp, too, ended up soaking my rice in it. Tuna tartare was nice but not out of the ordinary. Chili chocolate ice cream remains addictive. Perhaps not as smooth as Il Laboratorio's version but far spicier than Il Lab's.

        With tax and tip, just over $40pp. Incredibly reasonable for the quantity and quality of food.

        1. re: kathryn

          Third suggestion for Kuma Inn. Very good.

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        1. For brunch - the Nook in Hell's kitchen. I've never gone for dinner but I enjoy brunch there and its BYOB in case you want some champagne to cure the hangover :)

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          1. Kuma Inn's great. Also a fan of Tartine in the West Village, and Keste is BYO until they get their liquor license. There are a few others as well that are BYO certain nights of the week as part of recession specials.

            1. I just went to Sigiri last night on 1st ave and 6th street. It's Sri Lankan food. The food was good and the menu was really interesting. I don't think they charged a corkage fee, either.