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May 4, 2009 11:44 AM

Red Hook Ball Fields 2009

Did anybody check it out this weekend? How were the lines?

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  1. Went on Saturday. It's as good as ever and the lines were the shortest i've seen. For example, only 3 people ahead of me in the Huarreche line. Of course, it was supposed to rain on Saturday which might have kept some people away.

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    1. re: demigodh

      are they back under the tents or in trucks on the street?

      1. re: Widmark

        It's like last year. Trucks on the street. Also, I forgot to mention before, I went on Saturday around 1:00-2:00.

      2. re: demigodh

        The rain definitely must have kept people away on May 2. It was still drizzling intermittently at 11:30 but fortunately cleared up soon after that. So, if you want to avoid lines, risk some rain on an overcast day!

        The food was FANTASTIC. I'm craving a huarache now. Oh man. And the sopes were fascinating and delicious. The carne asada tacos from the Perez truck were fantastic. My fellow hounds like the barbacoa (goat) tacos even more, but I crave more carne asada. Other hounds offered to kindly share their papas rellenas (from the Colombian truck if I remember correctly) which were fantastic. And the tamale from the Carrello truck were the best I've ever tasted. And of course the pupusas, from another truck, were good too.

        One odd dessert item: plantain rellenito. I liked it at first but after a few more bites I wasn't quite so sure, but then I'm not a huge fan of plantain. I'm glad I didn't tackle one of those by myself.

        The only real disappointment was the ceviche from the easternmost truck. Not fresh-tasting. One hound (who might be another poster in this thread) said this was because they added the lime beforehand, rather than putting in it at the time of purchase. I observed the second-from-easternmost vendors doing it correctly, with a lime squeezer, so their ceviche might be good.

        I wish I could find something nearly this good here in Newark. Why don't WE have our own version of the Red Hook Ballfields over here? I've never even seen a frickin' taco truck in Newark, even though we've probably got plenty of Guatemalans. I need to talk to Cory Booker STAT.

      3. We have never been there yet but want to head over this weekend, maybe after a soccer game in Bklyn. Is there seating at or near the Fields? I know nothing like a restaurant, etc., but are there any seats or picnic tables nearby where we can sit and chow down? Thanks.

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        1. re: comiendosiempre

          There are. The trucks surround a park with a soccer field. So, there are some picnic tables and benches. Some of the vendors also set up a few small tables, but since it gets crowded, you're probably better off grabbing seating in the park.

          1. re: jdf

            Or bring a blanket! Best if it's washable :>} !!

        2. I was thinking of heading there for during dinner time on Sunday ? Does anyone know their operating hours ?

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          1. re: Nelson_Lai1975

            it's one of those spots best enjoyed mid-day, sitting in the sun and enjoying the sun; seeing that the vendors start quite early in the mornings (for the games) I don't think they run much further past dusk; latest i was there was maybe 6 or 7pm; can't remember the lighting situation but it was still light out.

            1. re: Nelson_Lai1975

     has a nice post on his site with all of the essential information about the ball fields - how to get there, hours of operation, etc. According to him they're open 11-8.

              1. re: Adeenabs

                Yes that nycfoodguy post had good info. I was there last weekend. Here is the link to the precise post:

                Pics of an Al Pastor taco (best I've ever had) and some ceviche:

            2. Similar vendors at the Ft Greene flea market "Brooklyn Flea" -- serving from tables, not trucks. Long line for pupusas, but nothing like the wait of ballfields trucks. Many of the tasty favorites are there -- pupusas, huaraches, corn, etc.

              Have not seen ceviche at this location yet.

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              1. re: pitu

                Had a lovely lunch there this past Saturday. Got the mixed seafood ceviche -- totally satisfied my craving for ceviche. Very good. Then moved onto the pupusa truck (they had the longest line, so I figured it was a good pick). Had the beef and cheese and a spinach and cheese pupusa. Both were very good, served with a nice pickled cabbage side (they taste even better with a topping of sour cream), reminds me of a borscht. The sweet plantains with sour cream were a decadent treat. We also sampled the grilled corn (excellent with lime and butter) as well as some of the tasty fruit drinks. One vendor also sold dried pumpkin seeds, which we snacked on later. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and there were hardly any long lines (good for waiting but bad for business?).

                1. re: queenseats

                  are you talking about ballfields or flea market?

                    1. re: queenseats

                      dang, I was hoping ceviche had showed up at the flea market!

                      1. re: pitu

                        I second your call. It's the only thing missing from the Ft. Greene Flea...aside from not being around on Sunday.,

              2. Does anyone know when they usually shut down, or more importantly, *run out of food* on Saturdays? We were hoping to grab dinner there this weekend, but I have seen hours listed as everything from 9-10, to 9-9, to 11-8, to 10-7... If we get out there at 7, are we going to have anything good left to eat?