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May 4, 2009 11:23 AM

Ah Chin & Unforgettable Chinese in Edmonton

Has anyone been to either Ah Chin and Unforgettable Chinese restaurant in Edmonton lately?

We used to go Ah Chin but I heard that they have recently changed hands. How's food there now?

What about Unforgettable - is it pretty similar to the old Ah Chin quality and value-wise? How's their Dim Sum?

We like Golden Rice Bowl too, but not for its crazy dim-sum line-up system on the weekends. Good Buddy and Buddy Seafood - we were there 6 months ago, the food was decent, but nothing to write home about.

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  1. Ah Chin Kitchen changed hands (ownership and chef) at the end of July 2008.
    I have only tried the Lo Mai Gai at Unforgettable (take out) and it is a good classic version. I plan to try other Dim Sum dishes soon.
    Maybe Chin, who was the chef at Ah Chin surfaces at Unforgettable- Wouldn't that be nice?

    PS Try Saigon Garden on 97th for extraordinary value in Cantonese food ( lineups on Sunday night) . Cha for Tea Palace in the West End has good quality and variety in Dim Sum, but it is on the pricey side.

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      Thanks for the info, Felix. Saigon Garden sounds more like a Vietnamese restaurant than Cantonese, I'd give them a try next time.

      Will try Unforgettable next weekend and report back later.

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        Sorry, I meant Saiwoo Garden , not Saigon.

    2. I'm not a big fan of Dim Sum but I go every few weeks anyways. I have to say, Golden Rice Bowl is one of the better places in town in my opinion. The wait may be long but it's worth it to me.

      I'm not too sure if you're only looking for Dim Sum, but if it's just chinese food you're looking for, I like C&S (China town 10725 98 Street) and also Chin Kee (West Side 15545 Stony Plain Road).

      Sorry, I haven't been to Unforgettable yet but people have told me to give it a try and the last time I was at Ah Chin was in January and it was still very good then.

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        I visited Unforgettable for brunch over the weekend and I figure I should report back to chowhound regarding our experience.

        The building was in really bad shape, and if it weren't for the chowhound recommendation, we probably would have never gone in. Once inside though, the restaurant was bright and cozy. There's a regular Hong Kong cafe type menu and a list to order Dim-Sum. We tried both.

        The dim-sum (shrimp dumplings and siu mai) were steamed fresh once ordered and they were quite good. Turnip cake was slightly soggy and not crispy enough, but overall I'm happy with the quality.

        Assorted noodles were a little too oily for my taste, but my dining companions enjoyed the veggies, meat and seafood on top, and there were plenty to share. I ordered a bowl of beef stew noodles - when it arrived I couldn't believe the portion size - it was huge! Taste wise it was pretty standard fare.

        The highlight of the meal was definitely dessert though. We ordered a manga pudding and tapioca pudding to share - the topioca pudding was baked inside a bowl, and it was hot, sweet and not too filling. My type of dessert. The manga pudding had chunks of fruits served with milk on top - very tasty and fresh as well. The best part was that the dessert was only $2.5 each, a true bargain!

        The restaurant was not busy and the service was friendly and pleasant, a rarity among authetic Chinese restaurant. I would definitely return! Maybe next time we'll try their Canadianized menu like ginger beef and chicken balls with friends.

      2. My mother's senior group frequently goes to Unforgetable They really liked it at first because it was really good. It seems to have gotten popular and food quality is sliding. They had some shrimp and everyone spit it out because it went bad even though by appearance it did not look bad.

        We also went another time and our dishes were a lot smaller than usual. If they don't get themselves together we going to FUHGEDDABOUTIT!

        1. I went to Unforgettable for dim sum today and it was fantastic. We stuck to the dim sum menu, except for a large order of steamed gai lan in oyster sauce that we ordered from the noodles menu. The shrimp dumplings were fine, but the rice rolls were fantastic, especially the long donut in rice roll. I also liked the eggplant with stuffed shrimp, which had a little kick at the end. There are a few unusual (for dim sum) items on the menu, including Vietnamese spring rolls (small) and fried tofu stuffed with shrimp (my mother used to make this—they took me back!). We were asked if we wanted our BBQ pork buns steamed or baked, a thoughtful touch. The food looked beautiful; my friend remarked that it didn't have that "industrial" appearance that you sometimes see at dim sum.

          I've been to Golden Rice Bowl a few times, Cha for Tea once, Mirama a few of times, and I have to say that today was the best dim sum I've had in Edmonton since I moved here six years ago.

          It was about half full (so no wait for a table) at 11:30 today and service was friendly and brisk if a little over-attentive when there weren't many customers. I'd definitely go back. In fact, I kind of want to go back tomorrow.