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Sweetbreads and/or Foie Gras

Hey Foodies,

Does anyone know if there is a store I can buy both sweetbreads and/or Foie Gras in the bethesda, rockville area???


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  1. If you are willing to go a bit further south, the SuperFresh off Massachusetts, behind AU law school, tends to have a lot of D'Artagnan products. You can almost always find foie there, and then there's usually a mixed variety of other products.

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      Thanks everyone for the responses! I cant believe a SuperFresh carries it...pretty kewl.

    2. Bertucci's carries Foie Gras, but it is VERY expensive.


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        I'm assuming you meant Balducci's, not Bertucci's. They carry either the D'Artagnan or Hudson Valley foie, I can't remember. Foie is ALWAYS expensive.

        Sweetbreads, maybe try the asian markets?

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          Oops my mistake! A co-worker picked up from there tonight and I guess I had it on the brain.

      2. I am CONSTANTLY on the look out for sweetbreads and have not seen them in probably 10 years. I used to catch them about twice a year at Sutton/Balduci's, but haven't seen that in a long time. They say I can special order them, but I have never done it.

        Daniel, I have never seen them in either the Latin or the Asian markets, and I frequent those places every week. Nor calf's liver.

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          I'll take your word for it, Pappy. I suggested ethnic markets since they do usually carry far more offal than supermarkets.

          What about a place like Lebanese Butcher?

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            I'm not aware of any Asian culture that eats sweetbread - shocking, but true.

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              That's interesting, Eric. I'd never thought about it that much.

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                Eric is correct. Sweetbreads are not used in Asian cuisines, so you won't be able to get them in Asian markets.

        2. FYI - I see "Medallion of Foie Gras with Truffles" are on sale at Balduccis this week for $17.99 ea....


          1. FYI - Was just at Balducci's (Thanks Daniel!) and saw that Foie Gras was $99.99 a pound......


            1. The Organic Butcher in McLean VA can get sweetbreads for you. I believe they also carry foie grau! The guys there are really awesome and will order almost any kind of meat you want and it will be the freshest and best of all their meat is from grass fed animals!

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                Regarding sweetbreads Whole Foods will order them for you. It takes four days to a week. This is also true of Wegman's in Hunt Valley and they often have them in stock. Graul's in Annapolis also have them sometime. Wegman's always have fois gras.
                Any news on the new Wegman's near Crofton?
                We did the Maiden Voyage on the Queen Victoria in 2008 and to test the chef we asked for sweetbreads and in three nights we dined on beautifully prepared sweetbreads.