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May 4, 2009 11:19 AM

Looking for cooking school/classes in Bay area

One of my best friends is getting married, and I'd like to give her and her husband a gift certificate for a cooking class. They live in SF (I'm in NY), and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a school/institution, or maybe a private teacher.


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  1. I am quite naive about cooking classes in SF as I took my first one this last Saturday at Sur La Table near Union Square. I took a Spring Cupcake Class, which you can follow here:

    I looked at their calender and they have some interesting classes coming up. Each class is about 2-3 hours and about $69-79 a head. There are classes for couples as well. I saw one called "Date Night: Provence" which looked really cool.

    You can find the calendar to the Union Square location here:

    I know it's a chain store, but I found the class to be really fun. There are usually 16 in a class, so I am not too sure if there are private classes available. But I guess the positive about a chain store is that they don't have to use the certificate at that particular store location.

    I enjoyed my class greatly and look forward to my next class.

    1. This is a great idea -- we did this for a couple of our good friends and they swear it's one reason they're still together!

      If your couple likes thai food, Kasma's classes are EXCELLENT. She teaches a five week course and the food is incredible!

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        I work in a kitchen store in Oakland and have heard really good things about Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley. My teenage son is going to take a Knife Skills class in June so I'll know more then.

      2. It might be extra fun for them to come up to Sonoma Wine Country for a class. A great company that I have used is called Relish Culinary Adventures. More info on classes at

        1. My 16 year old son and I took a Mediterranean Seafood class at Berkeley's Kitchen on Fire. It was fabulous.

          1. I don't yet have any personal experience with these, but am on e-mail lists and hope to check them out soon:

            18 Reasons:
            Wine education, cooking classes, tastings, and other interesting stuff. Very reasonably priced - even more so if you make them members.

            La Cocina:
            Organization that supports local food businesses. Cooking classes are more sporadic, but all sound great!

            Tante Marie's
            A classic.

            A previous thread with lots of ideas: