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May 4, 2009 10:42 AM

best place to purchase swordfish in toronto

Hello all
I am planning on making swordfish skewers for my mom this mother's day.
I'm do not frequently purchase fish and am hoping that someone could recommend a good fish store for swordfish.
Usually i would head into St. Lawrence .. but I live closer to Kensington Market -- can anyone vouch for the quality of those fish stores? Any other suggestions would be really appreciated as well!
Thanks for your help!


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  1. I can tell you where NOT to buy them is Mike's in st lawrence
    One of the people there tried to offload some seriously rank swordfish on me

    Go to domenic's instead
    A purveyor who's really proud of the stuff he sells

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    1. re: CoffeeAddict416

      Thanks! I appreciate the heads up ... thats really disturbing to hear though .. i do tend to put a lot of trust in the folks at these markets ...

      1. re: alisongwilliams

        Whenever I've gone into the fish stores in Kensington, the rank smells have sent me right back out the door. This doesn't mean the fish is bad, it's just the shops' practice of putting the fish refuse outside the store for trash pickup. It doesn't take long for fish guts to fester in the sun. For seriously fresh (but seriously pricey) fish, I'd head to Pisces at Yonge and Summerhill or else Avenue Rd. Fish Market (maybe not the exact name) at either Avenue Rd. and Eglinton or the Avenue Rd and Fairlawn location. You could also call Bill's Lobsters on Gerrard E. to find out if they have swordfish on the day you want to visit. I'd also shop at Domenic's or another fishmonger in SLM, but I might ask for a sniff of the fish to make sure it's superfresh. This isn't because I expect the SLM fishmongers not to have fresh fish, but because in such a large market with so many competing aromas, it's tough to be able to gauge freshness simply by eyeballing the choices. The sniff test is nearly failproof. One other option is Loblaw at Queen's Quay. It has a decent fish counter, but call first to ask what day the swordfish comes in fresh. If the timing is right, the price may be right as well. Don't buy any swordfish that didn't come in that day. Loblaw is notorious for keeping fish longer than it should. One last suggestion is Bruno's (Delisle Court or Avenue Rd. locations). Call these places too before trekking there. They sometimes have beautiful fish -- sometimes, not so pretty.

        1. re: 1sweetpea

          Pisces has been good to me as well but yes they are wiltingly expensive. Impeccable though.

          I don't know anyone who has bought fish in chinatown but you could always check there and in kensington. I know in chinatown the restaurants and stores get live stock delivered to them directly but swordfish I dunno who their supplier might be. It's always worth a look!

          Easiest way to find out is to check out the fishmonger you wanna buy from and have a sniff test.

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