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May 4, 2009 10:35 AM

Bardessono in Yountville

We lived in Yountville for over 10 years and moved into San Francisco a couple of years ago. We are visiting Yountville in June for a winery event and, since we have dined often at many of the older, established restaurants are thinking of Bardessono for our one dinner. Any feed back on that new restaurant? We have already booked Bottega (also new since we left) for lunch the following day.

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  1. Nothing I've seen on Chowhound about Bardessono. However, you might check the reports linked on this Place record for Bottega. What sticks in my mind is more 'meh' reports than positive ones. It is way, way ... way down on my to-try list

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      Saw a vid on his "Polenta under glass" dish that has me dying to try it. I'll try post the link if I can find it.