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May 4, 2009 10:32 AM

girly brunch in Providence

Hello folks. It's been many years since I lived in Providence, so I would really appreciate some updating.

We're throwing a small brunch/baby shower (6-8 people) for my best friend's sister, who still lives in Providence. We were thinking of our old stand-by, the Rue (on Hope Street), but would love to hear other suggestions too.

I noticed on some previous threads that everyone raves about "Nick's," but I can't tell what kind of place it is. Greasy spoon, fancy-shmancy, or what?

TIA for any help you can give.

(formerly of Providence, but now known as "parkslopemama" in Brooklyn, NY)

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  1. Nick's is nice but pretty tight. You won't be able to spread out. It is one of those small restaurants where guest sit shoulder to shoulder. I would suggest Waterman Grille and if you want to venture out of Providence then T's in Cranston or Old Grist Mill in Seekonk, MA.

    1. Nick's definitely isn't "girly" with its minimalist decor and extremely close quarters. That said, the food is great.

      1. Ferns and Flowers Tea house is "girly" and might be able to do something for your group.

        1. Second (third) that Nick's is great, but probably not what you're looking for. Have you thought about CAV?

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            Funny, I just heard CAV as a suggestion -- from my 9th grade boyfriend, who still lives in Providence, but that's a whole other Facebook story...

            Any opinions on CAV versus La Rue de l'Espoir?

          2. I like CAV, but not for Sunday Brunch, two bad food experiences...the chef must be off that day or something!!!