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May 4, 2009 10:31 AM

Rt 13 in DE?

Driving from Rhode Island to VA beach in two weeks.
Would be interested in any input on great roadside food on or near Rt 13 south of Dover.

Traveling with 2 and 4 year olds so probably not much in the way of fine dining, but an awesome BBQ or Chicken stand would be most appreciated

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  1. Meding and Son
    RR 113
    Frederica, DE 19946
    (302) 335-3944

    sbs401, This is a small seafood restaurant on 13. It is very kid-friendly and would be an easy stop for you. They have menu options other than seafood but we love their crab soup and pick up quarts of it to bring back with us.
    I cannot think of a barbeque or chicken stand along that road. There is a Buffalo Wild Wings near the Air Force Base and so many chain restaurants inside Dover on 13.
    In two weeks there may be some produce stands open along 13 that you and your children could check out.
    I hope you get other suggestions to consider before your trip. Good luck!

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    1. re: Lewes17266

      I agree Meding's is a good idea, but it's on Rt 113, not Rt 13. It would take you out of the way.

      About the response from drtrubits:
      The Fire Dept BBQ is great, and has a few picnic tables. I don't know if they start cooking before Memorial Day, though, and I think it is only one day during the weekend. I can't remember if it's Saturday or Sunday. You will see signs if it is open.

      If they aren't cooking, I agree, stop at Jimmy's on Rt 13 in the next town south, Bridgeville.
      If chicken and dumplings are on the menu, it is the local comfort food. That and the sticky buns.

    2. Jimmy's Grill in Bridgeville, De. Comfort food in mass quantities.(cash only). Best fried chicken!!! Take a whole pan of sticky buns for the ride for the price of one cinnabon.
      Also, The Greeenwod, De fire dept cooks BBQ chicken on the weekends. Both are right on the road, Great stuff!
      ps. do the speed limit through the small towns in DE. The cops make their living of of tourists
      pps. You will go by a DDD place called Sting-Rays Cape Charles, VA(behind an Exxon station)
      Supposed to have GREAT sea food. let me know if you stop.

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      1. re: drtrubits

        looks like i need to drive through greenwood to get to Jimmy's so I'll check them out

        1. re: sbs401

          I'll third the rec for Jimmy's. We always stop there on the way to the beach. In addition to the fried chicken and the stick buns, they have great veggies, such as local lima beans, squash casserole, etc. I've often just gotten a veggie plate. The baked goods are great. And it's perfect for young kids.

          I'll also second Sting-Rays in Cape Charles. We stayed at a B&B down there a few years back and ate at Sting-Rays two or three times.

      2. I had the luxury of driving through Delaware to get to Maryland, later in the evening. The entire state seems to be closed down. The "First State" was renamed the "Worst State". Drive through during the day.

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        1. re: jethro

          "Luxury," that's funny. My kids call it "quality." We have a lot of farmland for sure.

          I check out books on tape from the library for company during those "luxury" drives.

        2. Meding and Son's Definitely, If you go on a thursday, they have Oyster specials, though the fried oysters there are the best any time.

          Also on Rt. 13, Helen's Sausage House, it's in Smyrna, Delaware, not far from Dover. Great sandwiches. It's gotten a lot of press.

          1. Thanks everyone, Jimmy's Grill was perfect.
            Fried chicken was crunchy without being greasy.
            MAke sure to try the squash casserole, it was liek pumpkin pie

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            1. re: sbs401

              There is now a Jimmy's in Dewey Beach. I thought I would pass on this article about it in our local newspaper. I will have to get over there soon to have some of that fried chicken myself.