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May 4, 2009 09:57 AM

Best Lunch Deals- Chinatown

I'm looking to expand my lunch venues in Chinatown. I've had some good pho and bahn mi, but looking more for good, fresh american chinese food. New Shanghai used to have a great Chicken w/ginger. I've tried New Golden gate, and it was only meh. Picking up to-go at Gourmet Dumpling House was time consuming and major chaos. Not a big seafood fan, unfortunately! Any thoughts?? Thanks!

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  1. New Shanghai still has lunch specials (try the twice cooked pork belly), Hong Kong Eatery for one of their combos (w/ salted chicken, roast pig and/or duck etc) or rice plates (pork chop, beef short rib etc)

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      As good as your suggestions sound to me, they don't sound like American Chinese food which the OP is looking for. I'm not sure Chinatown is the place to be for that type of food. While many of the restaurants offer some flavor of American Chinese food, I don't know if they do it well.

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        the places I mentioned do also offer "American" CHinese food lunch specials but I haven't tried those particular specials

    2. Taiwan Cafe has a lunch special menu as well, and even though TC's menu is almost entirely authentic the Sweet and Sour Pork and Chicken are really incredible and agreeable to most palates.

      1. New Jumbo (on Hudson) does a very good American Chinese luncheon special which is a real deal at $4.75. Their General Gau's chicken is a guilty pleasure.

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          come to think of it, Peach Farm also does a decent General Gau chicken (while you're there, get the surf clam w/ rice vermicelli on the shell as an app-- not on the menu)

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            great thread! I am heading to New Jumbo today for lunch! Thanks

            1. re: ILoveRestaurants

              I think I am also heading to New Jumbo today!

          2. Potluck Cafe on Knapp St. offer a pretty extensive selection of home style cooking - any 3 items (generous portions too) plus rice and soup (usually seaweed) for five bucks. Needless to say it's usually packed with construction and office workers, and locals by noontime. Hands down the best deal in the area.

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              I haven't eaten there,but checked it out, and I totally concur...Looked like authentic treats that enticed me, but lots of fried, greasy delights as well....

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                I'm still mending a broken heart from when Potluck had an interesting menu..:)..but I should sample their buffet.


                In addition to New Shanghai and Taiwan Cafe which both cook to order smaller portions of their regular dinner items.

                East Ocean City does a fried nodle dish with a variety of ingredients, usually good for 2 meals..ask them to make it with black bean sauce instead of the standard brown sauce..big upgrade.

                Most of the places have a page of lunch specials but I haven't tried many x TC and New Shanghai..which includes a spring roll and hot and sour soup..bargain.

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                  Thanks everyone, I've got some new ideas! This should keep me busy for awhile- both wallet friendly and tasty!

              2. I know this isn't "American Styled" but I am slowly becoming a big fan of the 163 Vietnamese Cafe on Harrison near Beach St. You can get a luncheon plate for $3.50, spring rolls for $3.00 and they also make great Bubble Tea/Shakes.

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                  I thought they just did banh mi?
                  What's their luncheon plate like?

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                    163 also does rice plates and bun for $3.50, stuff like pork chop, BBQ chicken, BBQ beef, sliced fried spring rolls. Good and cheap and filling.


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                    I love their bubble teas- I haven't tried their lunch plate (only the bahn mi). I'll have to explore them a bit more.

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                      I've long been a fan of 163's banh mi & iced coffee.