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May 4, 2009 09:54 AM

B&J's (Steak and) SEAFOOD, Darien, GA

This place is the real deal. I can't claim to have discovered it - John T. Edge has written of it before, it's been mentioned on these very boards - but I will happily shout its praises to anyone who may be driving down I-95 between Savannah and Jacksonville.

The buffet appears to be one of the exceptions to the rule of buffet avoidance - fried chicken, roast beef, ham, plenty of good southern veggies, all quite good. Our kids went that route, while my wife and I shared the bountiful seafood platter, enough to feed a family of four. The fried wild georgia shrimp were excellent. The fried oysters were big, juicy, fabulous. Stuffed / deviled crab kept you happy. And the fried fish was perfectly done.

I can not recommend this place highly enough - get down there, a few miles off I-95 in Darien, GA, a cute little fishing town with plenty of character. The locals got it good in Darien, GA, as long as they're at B&J's.

A few photos of B&J's and Darien at

B & J's Steaks & Seafood
901 North Way, Darien, GA 31305

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  1. Thanks for the writeup!
    Couple of questions. Do they have beer?
    Can you compare them to Speed's Kitchen?

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    1. re: savdoug

      Don't know on the beer, and didn't get to Speed's (which I also wanted to hit), so can't compare. Sorry!

      1. re: biskuit

        They do have beer. Their shrimp are superior to Speeds, other oysters, scallops and fish are superior at Speeds. B & J's is much more accessible to St Simons where I live than speeds. Both are superior in my opinion to Old School, Skippers or Mud Cats.

        1. re: beteez

          Thanks for the tip. I've been to Skippers and Mud Cats. Look forward to trying Speeds and B&J's.

    2. Didn't see your post before adding a new one of my own about BJs. I searched chowhound on Sunday before we went and only found some old mentions. Anyway, we really enjoyed the Sunday buffet and now can't wait to try the seafood. Where is Speeds?