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May 4, 2009 09:43 AM

Cluck Grunt and Low

Looks like the one on Bloor and Walmer is closed now. Anyone know what happened, or what it may be replaced by? I'm not sad it's gone, but we really need a mid-range decent restaurant in the neighborhood...

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  1. Apparently owners' hearts were not into it, and closed it despite making good economic figures in April

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    1. re: Muffin__Top

      interesting article... my info was that both locations were sold off in august.

    2. i thought the ribs were great at the start, then they got really dry and tough, then the service got so bad that they would screw up your order and give u the Texas rub when u wanted KC bbq. it was due to close.

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      1. re: dickiegreenleaf

        What a shame I was one of the few on here that really liked CG&L. They had the best pulled pork in the city. The only problem for me was the consistancy. The pulled pork sanwhich was always good but sometimes better than others and always sort of different. They would constantly tweak things so it was always a bit of a mystery as to what would come out of the kitchen with each visit.

      2. The original comment has been removed