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May 4, 2009 09:27 AM

Genki Sushi Hawaii

I love Hawaii...the food, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. Pricey and generally disappointing - not a good combo.

Recent visit to Honolulu we discovered Genki Sushi in the Ala Moana Shopping Mall.

It had little ambiance, was a revolving, conveyor belt sushi joint. Almost all items were under $3.00.

And the food was pretty one will confuse it with Masa or Urusawa, but the spicy tuna is delicious, california rolls solid and other combos generally tasty. They have chicken karage (which kids love) for a mere $2.30! For those who live in LA, it blows away Sushi Mac.

It was the first true bargain I've found in Hawaii.

Lucky for us, they just opened on in Lahaina (next to Lahaina Farms market)...we took out a couple nights and were 100% satisfied.

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  1. Yes, the Genki Sushi at the new Lahaina Gateway shopping center is surprisingly good. And its a bargain compared to the usual prices of eating out on Maui. I don't care for the conveyor belt atmosphere and Formica tables, but it's worth putting up with to get freshly made sushi at those prices.

    There's a review that includes photos and a list of some of the menu items at

    1. And I think that Genki is way too expensive!! Everything really adds up and last time I found myself paying for a $40 lunch (for 2), which was definitely not worth the price, or the quality. I would rather go to a better sushi place and order the same amount of food, with less variety, and pay less. Most of the options that I like here in Lihue are the $3-$5 plates, but if you were to order them takeout they would be $1 less at least. Not a fan!

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        Too expensive???? It's cheaper than supermarket sushi....a spicy tuna hand roll is $2.30! I paid $13 for one at Princeville.

        It's really easy to order a lot, because it's so inexpensive. We, as a family of four, pigged out three times and never spent more than $50.

        1. re: manku

          Ninja Sushi another local chain is cheaper & better than Genki