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May 4, 2009 09:26 AM

Recommendations for a long, decadent lunch?

My mother and I are going to meet up in NYC in August for a couple fun days in the city, and while we have restaurants picked for almost everything, we’ve got an empty lunch. We love doing long (2 hours at least!) lunches and obviously would like amazing food and service. Where would be the best option? Basically, anywhere in Manhattan is fine and we probably would want to spend no more than $75/a person. I’ve looked at Le Cirque, Bouley, Eleven Madison Park, etc. etc. and I'm leaning towards Jean Georges.

Has anyone enjoyed a long, unrushed lunch at Jean Georges lately? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Well, I was just talking about it in another thread. I really enjoy a leisurely lunch at The Modern, the restaurant at MOMA. I'd go "later" so you spill into the quiet part of the afternoon rather than into a second seating. I eat at Jean Georges frequently enough, and I've spent a lot of time lingering, but I'm not a huge fan of their dining room, sort of cloistered.

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      Thanks, acidity! Coincidentally, I'm looking at The Modern's webpage right now. Thanks, that's helpful!

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        I don't think Jean George's dining room is in any way "cloistered." Though ot extremely large, but of good size, and with huge windows on three sides, during the day, it's light, bright, and airy.

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          You find the ambiance at Jean Georges to be the same as The Modern?

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              Oh, OK. I was trying to help help the OP choose between restaurants, and I figured that if she preferred a more cloistered feel, Jean Georges would be the place, with its "very cozy" alcoves that some write about, not to mention the hush of the room, with the hedges and trees outside the windows.

      2. I highly recommend Jean Georges as I just had a wonderful lunch there not too long ago. Excellent food, and amazing services. With the amuse bouche and an array of desserts, it felt so luxurious. Not rushed at all. If you do decide to go, request to be seated at one of the banquettes against the wall. It feels private, roomy and very comfortable.

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          Thanks, fdb! I think we will go with Jean Georges. Thank you for the tip about the banquettes request...I will be certain to do that!

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            I think the seating fdb is referring to is not actually a banquette, but rather, two small alcoves facing into the dining room, each of which contains a table for two. Very cozy.

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                Ahhh, thanks for the clarification! :)

        2. Gotham Bar & Grill is one of our faves. Nice prix fix lunch for $25 and usually good 1/2 bottles to go with it

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            Oooh, maybe I'll check them out for the second day. Thanks!

          2. Bouley is very relaxing and would be a nice place for a mother and daughter.