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May 4, 2009 09:25 AM

Jane Brunch Very Good

I went to Jane for some Sunday Brunch with a few friends yesterday and it was very good. I really like the feel of the place very laid back and casual, but also nice modern design. We arrived at 2:30 for our reservation and were seated immediately. Definitely a popular place since it was packed out. They gave us a nice basket of bread with strawberry butter which I loved. Best part of the bread was the raisin bread which was very delicious.

You get a complimentary beverage if you select a brunch option which I thought was cool. We were five people and ordered the following....

Vanilla Bean French Toast (one of the best french toast I've had and they give you three thick slices), Lobster Benny, Benedict Jane (crawfish and crab), Farmhouse scramble (scrambled, gruyere, onions), and Country breakfast (scrambled, cheddar grits, buttermilk biscuits, smoked ham). We also had some bacon and a sticky bun to share among the table.

All of the food was really good. Standouts for me were the french toast, lobster benny and benedict jane, cheddar grits, STRAWBERRY BUTTER and the fresh squeezed orange juice was delicious!

On the negative side I thought they really overcooked the bacon. I like my bacon soft and forgot to specify so it came out rather crispy and dry. The sticky bun was incredible but miniscule in portion size so def not worth the $5 price tag it had. Also, the waitress kinda disappeared on us for an hour, but luckily we didn't really need much.

Jane is definitely a nice spot for brunch with good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

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  1. I like Jane for brunch too. I always get the chop chop salad with caesar dressing instead of the vinaigrette (and split the johnny cake benny with my brunch companion). Restaurant doesn't take itself too seriously and the food's pretty nice for brunch food. Good times.

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      Had brunch at Jane once and enjoyed it....mostly just posting to lament the closing of its sister restaurant, the Neptune Room, on the UWS. It was possibly the best-kept brunch secret in the neighborhood -- steps away from the long lines of tourists at Good Enough to Eat and the spillover at Fred's across the way, but much much better!

      I wish that they would have just reopened that space to be more like Jane!