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May 4, 2009 09:14 AM

restaurants with a private room for 20

I am looking for a place to celebrate my sons graduation with family. His graduation is near the 405 and the 101. We can go into the valley or on the West side. It will be a day time celebration probably at 1:00 or so for lunch. Any suggestions? The room, and the comfort of it, is more important than the food and money is an issue...thanks in advance..

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  1. 1) What day of the week ?

    (i.e., some places aren't open Saturday, Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday for lunch).

    2) To get the most useful suggestions - Post a Budget, i.e. $$ per person and state if it does or does not include tax, tip, and/or beverages.

    3) Cuisine preferences or ones to avoid ?

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    1. re: JBC

      Thanks for the tips. Sunday afternoon. I am open with the budget, but will have people aged 5 months-87 years. Nothing too fancy. It's a family celebration and more about being able to connect and hear each other than having fabulous food, however, i love fabulous food.....

    2. I went to a party at the restaurant that is on top of the hotel that used to be the Holiday inn, off the 405. Hotel Luxe or something? Anyway, it's right in the area that you need, and it has a great view. I can't remember the food, though. Maybe steaks? It was a long time ago.

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      1. re: schrutefarms

        if, as ellenbloch says, "money is an issue" that hotel (for food and for drink) will be problematic.
        terrific view, though.
        i'd recommend the rooftop bar for a date (be aware that the valet parking there is not cheap).

      2. I am not sure if they are open on a Sunday afternoon but Il Tiramisu on Ventura Blvd at Woodman has a small room on the side that could accomodate you.

        1. We are having our Graduation Dinner for 30 at C & O Cucina. They have a beautiful outdoor patio and they also have a private upstairs room. It's a little more formal and nicer than C & O Trattoria but they are under the same management. The price isn't bad either, you have different options to choose from.

          1. Talk to Campanile. Their lunch menu is totally reasonable and delicious too! plus, since they don't use the private rooms for lunch service, they may give you a good deal on a set menu without having to pay for renting the room.

            624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036