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May 4, 2009 08:48 AM

Where to eat after Movieco(Rosemont)

Going to the movies this Saturday night. The show will let out at 9:30 and we'll be hungry. We're skipping the overpriced theatre restaurant in favor of other fare. But what? The choices in the Rosemont area(we live in Berwyn) seem to be steakhouses or Italian joints. Both are ok but a bit heavy that late at night. I would like to help by narrowing down likes and dislikes but who knows what they want to eat a week in advance? I want choices and I want them at approximately the $100 for two pricepoint.
Good luck !

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  1. The nearby pizza places (Giordano's, Gino's East) are another option, but they're fairly heavy too.

    There are two seafood options. McCormick and Schmick's is a traditional seafood restaurant, located on River Road maybe a mile from the Muvico theaters. Open till 11 pm. And Flamingo's Seafood is a wonderful Mexican restaurant with an emphasis on seafood. It's about ten minutes away in Mount Prospect. Open till 11 pm.