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Oakville Favourites

Eat In...Take Out...Italian...Sushi...Curry...Thai...Beef...Pizza? Whats you're favourite in Oakville?

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  1. Bahn Thai in Oakville is fantastic. Probably the best Thai I have tried in the GTA

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      What is Jonathan's like these days ?

    2. A couple of years ago a friend took me to a place called Niwa Japanese Restaurant. I had such an amazing experience there for lunch! We ordered soft shell crab, a few sushi rolls of course, miso soup etc. The best part was the chef gave us complimentary spicy salmon hand rolls, and they were one of the best I've ever had!

      1011 Upper Middle Rd E, Oakville, ON L6H4L2, CA

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        I second that!!
        By far the best sushi in Oakville. The only issue I have with the sushi is that it's small. It's still worth the price though.
        Try the Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon or Kani rolls!

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          agree with the Niwa rec. someone on another post/site mentioned japanese owners, i confirmed they were in fact korean.

          nothing wrong with that since the quality of the fish and presentation were top notch. they gave us a gratis soup with enoki and fried garlic (probably dashi based) it was delicious. portions are generous and great value for money. plus they were so friendly.

        2. Patisserie d'Or. Great French pastries.

          1. Bahn Thai is best Thai in the area, Spoon and Fork is also really good and a little cheaper

            Summit Garden has very good Dim Sum (Winston Churchill and Dundas)

            1. For lunch or brunch, Stoney's on Kerr is pretty good.

              Used to go to Spoon and Fork alot but found it went downhill in recent orders

              I have yet to find a good pizza place in Oakville

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                Have you tried Fantastico (on Kerr)? Their pizza is very good.

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                  I have. It is probably the best takeaway/delivery pizza in Oakville. Manchella's in MapleGrove Plaza isn't bad either. 7 Enoteca is probably the best sitdown pizza place. Oakville has definitely improved since I posted that 5 years ago

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                    Fantastico is amazing and there is another place Martino's in River Oaks that is also excellent good choices and reasonable prizes as Fantastico unfortunatley will not deliver in North Oakville.

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                      Lol, kudos to you, iamam, for the quick follow up! 5 years later and you still got it lol.

                2. I'll add my usual mention of Sweet Smoke... Although I guess it's at the Burlington border

                  reccomendations: pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw topping, cuban sandwich, quesadillas, tortilla soup.

                  Sweet Smoke
                  3420 Rebecca, Oakville, ON

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                    Thanks all for the input...Have enjoyed Spoon and Fork before and hope it has not gone downhill. Stoney's is always solid. Did nor know of Sweet Smoke but will definitely try it..same with Bahn Thai and Niwa Japanese.....A few of my favourites..La Cucina...Trattoria Timone...smoked meat sandwich at Fifties Diner...Tako Sushi (they deliver)...Butcher at Florence Meats and the kebabs from Dietrichs...Don't really have a reasonably priced Indian place .

                  2. the wingery for a wing splurge.

                    they are battered but oh so crispy and gigantic. "hot" sauce is more like a medium. I like to eat at least 3 at the counter otherwise the coating goes a little soft when I take it home.

                    they need a bench outside so people can sit and eat!

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                      I've had wings all over the GTA, and the Wingery's are up there with the best of them.

                      I'd suggest the Dry Cajun (I would not consider these hot at all, just flavourful), or Swamp Sauce (classic wing hot sauce), my fav's.
                      They are pricy, but you are getting quality since they only use huge, fresh wings, not frozen.
                      Great for a treat though.

                    2. Agabi on Lakeshore is amazing for mediterrenean/middle eastern. huge portion, affordable wine list, really really great shawarma - very authentic Egyptian spicing. worth the drive.

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                        I am also a fan of Agabi's... athough I disagree about the large portions/pricing thing ( I find it on the higher end of the price spectrum, and portions smaller-than-average for a shawarma place)..but it is definitely high quality

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                          134 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6K, CA

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                          Would have to agree with Agabi. Fabulous shawama and a great antipasta plate.

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                            the Agabi has moved up onto Kerr Street... still as great as ever !

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                              Add me as an Agabi fan! Terrific stuff.

                          2. Sushi - Mye Japanese
                            Pho - Pho 89 on Dundas and Prince Michael
                            Fine dining - Olivers
                            Italian - Rocco's

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                              I agree with everything...except Rocco's.

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                                Rocco's is very mediocre if it's anything like their Queensway location in Etobicoke

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                                  Please correct me if I am wrong but Rocco's in Oakville is not the same owner as Rocco's Plum Tomato on the Queensway. Always a great meal and I am a very picky diner. I have heard however that the manger has left to open his own place and I hope things don't decline as a result.

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                                    Ah, ok, I wasn't sure of that myself.

                                    The signs and logo's and lights and stuff all look the same though..

                            2. For Thai the place we keep going back to is the Bamboo Legend, at 3rd Line and Dundas. It is a small restaurant with a VERY busy takeout operation. I find it a cut above Bahn Thai and a couple of other Thai places that we have tried here. Of the 20 or so times we have ordered here, we have only been a bit disappointed 2 or 3 times.

                              Our favourites include the SPICY Seafood salad, the spicy fillet of fish and the green curries, which are lighter on the coconut milk which is often over-used in other places.

                              1. Pizza - Gege's
                                Eat In - Omega Steak & Seafood

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                                1. re: elreydelmundo

                                  Where is Gege's Pizza? We only have Bix Box pizzza near home Dundas & 8th

                                  1. re: MiniMom

                                    Gege's is on Speers near Kerr.

                                    I have ordered there once, and it was not good. Too doughy and undercooked.

                                    Oakville doesn't have any good delivery pizza that I know of. I usually get Pizza Nova, and ask for thin crust, whole wheat and well done and it is not bad. Mama's is not bad but pricey

                                    1. re: iamam

                                      That's how I order from pizza nova too minus the wheat crust... thin crust & well done is a must though.

                                      1. re: duckdown

                                        Ok, have found an excellent indy pizza joint in Kerr Village, Fantastico Pizza
                                        www.famousfantsticopizza.ca, we had 2 slices there yesterday while walking around the area. Perfectly done, nice and crispy thin crust, not at all doughy and very reasonable pricing. They also do everyting on site which is always nice to know. It was one of the best slices i have had in years. I was oohing over it so much my hubby was embarassed. But when its good you gotta appreciate it. It is right by the Stoneys bakery across the street, and a cafe is opening up next door to it. I can hardly wait to go back. They also have a Burlington Location www.burlingtonpizza.ca

                                2. I agree with most of the suggetions and would add Seasons and Becoffino (both on Lakeshore) to the list.

                                  1. Mye sushi for sure. As a former chef and lover of sushi, I must say that Mye puts out very good stuff. The real test for me is the basic rice and fish and they do a wonderful job. Enjoy

                                    1. Just bumping this up, to see if anyone has any new ideas for lunches in the area?

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                                        California burritos has opened at Trafalgar/Dundas area, good fresh ingredients and has a liquor licence. New burger joint downtown The Works apparently good have yet to try. Resto 7 new pizza joint a little more upscale also yet to try. Dont bother with Hero Burger Dundas/Eight last time we had was soggy fries and bland burger.

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                                          I finally have a favourite Indian...Suvari on Lakeshore....very good...good portion sizes and priced where you would expect from a decent Indian place

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                                            I had dinner at Coriander Green on Allan north of Lakeshore a few weeks ago. Much better than average Indian food. Not inexpensive but then downtown Oakville rents are not cheap, I imagine.

                                            1. re: Delshan

                                              I will second Suvai. Good food, cooked with health in mind. They deliver too.

                                              1. re: Delshan

                                                A heads up that there is currently a groupon for Suvai. I just bought one yesterday since I have been wanting to try it for a while.

                                            2. A new Mexican place opened downtown Oakville. Can't seem to find a website,etc but did find a FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maria-.... Called Maria Bonita

                                              It is located beside the Marble Slab on Lakeshore.

                                              Anyone been? I will try to go in the next few weeks but sounds promising. No menu online but one posted out front. I will take a pic next time I am in the area.

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                                                We live in Mexico for part of the year, and we miss the food so we thought we would give it a try. They have only been open for a couple of months: owned by a friendly couple from Mexico City. Menu offers regional specialities and they are well executed and from our experience, authentic. (No Tex Mex here) We had the pastor tacos (pork with pineapple) and fish tacos Veracruz, both very tasty. Everything (including the fresh cheese) is made in-house. They don't start the guacamole until you order it! The portions are large so bring friends to share so you can sample more of the menu. Looking forward to trying the tortilla soup and cochinita pibil, both personal favourites from our Mexican home.

                                                1. re: cmyoung

                                                  Great thanks! I will give it a shot at some point.

                                                2. re: ylsf

                                                  Its awful....went on the recommendation of friends and it was a huge disappointment

                                                3. Any current recs for downtown Oakville? Specifically only looking for downtown Oakville as I will be there anyway (I know Kerr St is closer/etc but not interested for tonight).

                                                  7 Enoteca is closed on Mondays. It is my new "go to" place to bring people who haven't been before.
                                                  Not looking to spend a ton. Friend is coming in from Toronto so was looking for more something that isn't as common in Toronto maybe (i.e. I am interested in going to Fin Izakaya but not sure if it is worth bringing this friend there... I.e. how it would compare to Guu that we have been to before).

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                                                    Colossus serves very decent Greek with generous portions and reasonable prices. Beccofino was also very good the last time I was there, about 6 months ago. This place should be busier than it is. I have heard good things about the Works burger place but have not tried it. We had dinner at De Stephano last week. The consensus at our table was that it was good but overpriced. Julia's is almost always a good bet although my last meal there was a bit disappointing.

                                                    1. re: ylsf

                                                      You liked 7 Enoteca that much?? We went once and had horrendous service, I will spare you the details - food was okay. What do you order there that keeps you returning?

                                                      1. re: duckdown

                                                        I tend to agree with duck down: 7 Enoteca indifferent service, not enough salt in the pizza dough, and overpriced. The place across the way (La Piazza) is not really much better: bigger portions but mediocre food. Again, overpriced. The gelato however is quite good, expensive, but if you cannot get the place on Kerr street, doable for a stroll downtown. Maluca is a drinks/tapas place on Lakeshore but really so expensive for small portions. We went over to the Irish Temper afterwards because we were still hungry! I am still trying to find a place to take Toronto foodie friends and since I moved from there recently, I am really stymied to find that combination of creativity, sophisticated flavours and value that my Toronto friends can get at most bistros. Oakville's restaurant scene remains a mystery to me: so much money, so much mediocre dining. Sigh

                                                        1. re: cmyoung

                                                          The service was beyond bad when I was there, food was expensive and not memorable in the least. I've had a better wood fired neapolitan pizza in Halifax for Gods sake.. All I remember was high prices for average food, combined with a server who wouldn't lay off upselling and when we didn't go for it, was all downhill from there. Even the tiramisu (served out of a tiny mason jar?) was terrible. The Mrs. had a wild mushroom pizza and that was pretty good I guess, best out of a bad night

                                                    2. Seams all the Chinese food buffets have closed in Oakville and Burlington now I have no favorites.

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                                                        Catface - you are absolutely right. What up with that? We really Red Maple in Burlington only to find it closed recently. Now the only option left is Mandarin... meh.