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May 4, 2009 08:45 AM

Early dinner with older parent near Westin Park Central

Wondering if can get some advice for dining on a Saturday evening in Dallas. Here are the constraints. Taking my mom to a matinee in Fair Park then headed to an early dinner (6 to 6:30pm) before returning to Westin hotel in North Dallas. She will eat anything as long as not too spicy. She does not like to wait in long lines, so a place with reservation system would be best. We are from out of town so long drives are out. Entree costs under $20 if possible. Perhaps Asian or Tex-Mex, nothing too heavy as she eats like a bird. Also hard of hearing, so low noise level would be a help. Thoughts?

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  1. Going with your "not too spicy" comment, how about Celebration? Not sure about the reservations - you'd have to call - I'd ask about the wait time if no reservations are available.

    1. Celebration is a great choice. However, If you really want to keep it "simple" and close by, there is a Luby's cafeteria just a few miles West of Fair Park on I-30.

      1. I can not guarantee any noise level at any of these places. I would call the one that you like up and ask for a table when you want it and then also ask for one away from the crowd and explain why. Most should be willing to accomodate. All of the recommendations are within a 1-2 mile radius of your hotel. If you would like some closer to Fair Park let us know.

        Forest and 75/Central
        Asian Mint (Asian fusion) is close to the hotel not close to Fair Park. I am not sure of the noise level but it is popular. I am not a fan but most are.

        Forest and Preston
        CHIC from Barcelona (Spanish tapas) is just a bit west of your hotel are quite a few eateries along Forest and Preston: CHIC from Barcelona would be an option for small plates.

        Forest and Preston
        Fish Express (Seafood) Haven't heard any rumblings about it, but Fish Express looks good on the menu.

        Forest and Preston
        Zizikis (Greek) If she likes the lighter Greek I would recommend them.

        Forest and Preston
        Greenz salads always has fans if she likes a good salad

        75/Central btwn Northaven and Royal
        If she likes deli type food Cindi's is just south along the 75/Central Expressway service road from your hotel.

        Preston and 635/LBJ
        On that same note Raosters and Toasters a chain from Florida just opened up about a month ago. I have already heard some good deli talk about it.

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        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Roasters took over the Deli News location, and although it looks wonderful (and I have tried a few similar items that I ordered frequesntly at DN) they are no Deli News. But, nice chain. Sadly, they are only open for lunch at the moment. They said when they take over a location, they only do lunch for one year.

          They also left a sour taste in my mouth by running down the previous owner, not once but twice... so as a practice.

          1. re: DallasDude

            Just as point of reference - I think you mean the old Ed's Deli location - which some years ago was once Deli News.

            1. re: CocoaNut

              I do mean that, lol. I frequented the original Deli New, believe it was Hillcrest. Then they moved to a larger location and was more an uncomfortable Russian restaurant. Then I moved out of state for a few years, and have no idea what came next but there were two locations (Preston and Campbell and Preston and LBJ) and then the Preston/LBJ was sold to old Ed. Have no idea why he sold out to this new place, he seemed happy every time I saw him, but not very healthy.

              So who knows. Thanks for the forgiveness of the brain slippage. Love to Chow and i love THE best sandwich in town including the most incredible egg salad and matzo ball soup -- Deli News.

            2. re: DallasDude

              That's sad to hear about Roaster's, I saw good things about them, but then again, I read about it in the SideDish blog and the blog didn't really draw any comparisons between any others (Deli News or Milk and Honey).

            3. re: LewisvilleHounder

              The Preston/Forest location of Greenz closed down.

              Another choice is Mainstream at Preston and Royal.

              And at Beltline near Preston is Fish on Fire.

              1. re: simply_victoria

                Mainstream has closed. I think its going to be a RockFish or something.

            4. Thanks for the tips. Luby's is not an option, since I have to eat also, and I can't stand cafeteria food. I think I have heard mention of Zizikis on these boards before, so it may be a good choice. Tapas also sounds good.\
              Last time we ate at Sambuca's and it was good, but they had a prix fixe menu at the time, which made it more affordable. And it was early, before the place got crowded and loud (only 10 people in the place when we arrived).
              Also should have added that she enjoys her pre-dinner cocktail, and I enjoy wine with dinner, so some alcohol service is needed.

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              1. re: Okcfind

                Also, we both really enjoyed Hattie's, especially the shrimp and grits. Anything similar to it, but closer to the north side of Dallas would be a good fit.

                1. re: Okcfind

                  Ziziki's is a marvelous choice. I particulary appreciate the mellow and wonderful atmosphere of the location off Knox. I love their rack of lamb, and the lamb salad is very nice. The tiramisu is very good as well. Cannot lose going here.

                  For extra quietness, make sure you sit across the breezeway. Less hubub.

              2. Thanks all. Leaning toward Zizikis, also looking at La Duni in NorthPark center. Will report back.