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May 4, 2009 08:34 AM

Sicilian Pizza in CT

Where can i get some good Sicilian Pizza in CT? There used to be a great place in middletown it guisppes (sp) they had some amazing Sicilian but ive yet to find anything even close to it any thoughts?

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  1. My SO is on a similar quest. She has tried Michaelangelo's in W haven and said it was OK. I have seen it on the menu at Nica's on Orange St New Haven (excellent thin crust pizza) and Marco Polo on Crown St (mediocre pizza)

    1. Try Lena's in hartford

      1. I swear I've had some great sicilian pie on Franklin Ave, it may have been at Corner Grinder but I can't remember for sure. Worth calling to ask, anyway.

        1. Naples Pizza in Farmington has it. Have not tried the sacilian, but everything else I've had is always very good.

          1. Arcudi's is open in Westport again - they make a square, thick crust pie to which I am not all that partial but friends and family are. It's at 1035 Post Road East, next to the Carvel, across from the former DQ/(now Swanky Frank's?) and former Waldbaum's/now Barnes and Noble.