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May 4, 2009 08:34 AM

The Dock, Landsdowne (Loudoun County)

Mrs. W and I got a rare night out so we tried this place -- they're in the Entertainment book this year.

Overall, a pleasant surprise. The food was very good. I got a piece of swordfish that was cooked perfectly. Mrs W got surf (crabcake) and turf (filet). The crabcake was a bit salty. but loaded with lump crabmeat.

Salt and pepper calamari appetizer was also very good. No tentacles, but the batter was light and crisp.

For bread we got cheesy popovers -- a nice surprise. Seconds were offered but we wanted to save room.

Desserts looked tempting but we were pleasantly full.

Decor is typical new suburban -- cool, bright, and airy.

This was a good find for us outer suburbanites. We have also enjoyed the Silk Road Afghan restaurant in Landsdowne, where there are several other eateries that also look promising.

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  1. I have been a couple times and have always found the food Very Good.
    You should have said something about the salt filled crab cake! I have had the crab cake two or three times and never had an issue. Sometimes, when prep cooks mix the crab wrong, they might add too much salt and it will ruin an entire meal. The guys at the Dock, are some of the friendliest people, I am sure that they would have mixed a new crab cake and checked the mix of the ones they had already prepped.
    The one thing that we have to remember is, if you don't tell them something is wrong, they will never know.

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    1. re: themeatguy

      Oh, it wasn't nearly that bad! The crust was a bit salty, but we are very sensitive to salt. It was not nearly enough to request a new one. It was actually a very good crab cake. My wife is from Baltimore and she is very picky when it comes to crab dishes (pun intended lol).

    2. I've had excellent tuna steak both times I've been there. Very enjoyable meal, although I always feel it's pricey for Loudoun.