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May 4, 2009 08:20 AM

I Ricci

Is there anything good to eat there? I'm headed to a client dinner, and don't have a choice. I've been before, but not for a good year or so, and have had very mediocre stuff (for very high prices relative to the quality of the food...). Can you help a girl out?

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  1. I remember a good Spring risotto the last time I was there---which was well over 4 years ago.

    My last meal there I didn't come away with the feeling that the food was awful (although it wasn't great either) just that the service was some of the worst I've ever experienced---snooty, forgetful, rude, and lazy. The food was good enough, but everything else was just a disaster.

    1. I think the consensus on this board is that no one can understand why that place is still in business. I can't recall hearing of a good meal there since the '80s.

      1. I had a first date there, with my now soon to be Hubby. I can't remember what I ate though, it couldn't have been terrible or I would have remembered it, but hey I was also young and in love, and I don't think that hurt the ratings... I probably got risotto, I hate making it at home, so I like getting it out and it is pretty good date food.