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May 4, 2009 08:20 AM

Looking for casual cooking classes in Alexandria

My friend and I want to take a couple of informal cooking classes, and she lives in Alexandria, but we could go anywhere in DC, or Fairfax, or truthfully, anywhere the metro is nearby. We could like something like french cooking classes, or maybe how to make sushi, but really we are up for anything. We are not trying to get culinary degrees or anything, its just something fun to do. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!


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  1. Tiffani,
    I was thinking about taking classes at the Lebanese Taverna. The cost per person is a little less at $60 per person. You can register online, which is handy and the classes last from 6:45pm to 9:30pm. I've heard great things.

    Lebanese Taverna Restaurant
    2641 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 02007

    1. I had a great experience with Arlington County Adult Education. The classes are pretty cheap (especially compared to cooking schools and restaurants) and low-key, but I did learn a lot about Indian cooking. The class I took had this sweet Indian grandma who showed you how to make a handful of dishes, and then everyone sat down and ate dinner together. If you factor in the cost of a few dinners, it's really quite affordable! They have both sushi and French bistro cooking classes, among many others. When I took my class, it was right near the Clarendon Metro.

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        I found a listing last year - that's how I found the ones at Leb Tavern...

        Roberto Donna's Bebo is closed. Not sure about the other listings,

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          When Roberto starts back up again, his classes are great - Laid-back, informative, and delicious - I never made it to the classes at Bebo, just Galileo. Many in the class were repeats, and he makes everything Fun! Great guy, Great Chef, Great sense of Humor!


      2. La Cuisine in Alexandria
        Sur La Table in Pentagon City
        CulinnAerie in DC

        1. runs some good classes all over the area.

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            TO ALL:

            Thanks for all your suggestions, these all look good and I will definitely do some research!

          2. The original comment has been removed