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May 4, 2009 08:11 AM

Three Boys From Italy Brick Oven Trattoria-WP

Per Weschester Magazine.
Opening up just about across the street from WPFD HQ:
Expected to open sometime this month is Three Boys From Italy Brick Oven Trattoria (206 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains). The regional Italian restaurant will serve gourmet pizzas and main dishes ($15 to $25) such as risotto Mediterraneo, Gorgonzola-crusted filet mignon, and sautéed chicken breast with fresh tomatoes. A 40-seat sidewalk patio will is also planned. Lunch and dinner is served every day, with late-night dining until 3 am Thurs to Sat.

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  1. I work on the block where this restaurant is going to open up. Doesn't look like there is that much room in front of their place for 40 outdoor seats unless they will be taking up sidewalk space from the businesses on their right and left.

    1. Very good food and really nice atmosphere. It is small inside but we overheard them saying they are waiting for the permits for outdoor seating. THe pizza is excellent, the staff is very friendly and the rice ball was delicious. It's very hard to find that anywhere in WP. The menu has a lot to choose from. I definitely suggest checking it out.

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        I had the rare treat of having some time left on my meter in WP this morning so I took a walk around to check out a few new places.
        I agree with bella77-very good pzza and staff. Very friendly.
        And menu is not standard pizzeria. Beside about 30 different pizza's (14', 16', and Sicilan)
        have about 15 different salads, 3 soups, 5 Panini's, 6 Hero's, 14 Appetizers, 25 Pastas, 2 Melanzane, 3 Chicken dishes, 3 Veal dishes, 3 Steak dishes, 5 fish dishes. And a kid menu.

        And pizza is thin crust. Seems as if they make will make Sicilina both Regular/thick as well and thin.
        Their oven is sort of a hybid. Has two regular gas ovens as well as a gas & wood Baker's oven on top. Which is much hotter than most.

        I asked about the outdoor seating and that is coming soon. And maybe a join effort with one or two near by business.

        Yes, this is a family run place. Family owns/operates over 20 other places including Gaudio's in Yorktown Heights and the oringinal Three Boys on Burke Avenue.

        Looking forward to hearing from our "hard-core" pizza fans about what they think.
        I thought my thin crust Sicilian was very good. Sadly I do not recall name but it did have a rather nice kick to it.

        Base line pizza: Margherita- Fresh mozzarella, bail, & marinare sauce: $12, $15, & $18

        1. re: Jon1856

          Sounds good. I'll have to detour from my usual Iron Tomato at lunch!

          1. re: Jon1856

            I had one slice of the Margherita. then another. I think I had the second slice only because I was still hungry not because it was that good and also because i wanted to thoroughly assess another slice without being depraved with hunger. While the crust was thin, it lacked flavor, no yeasty, olive-oily aroma to it. There was no basil (fresh or dried) visible on either of the two slices. The cheese was tasty & a notch above standard mozzarella but both slices were not hot enough and therefore the cheese was globby. overall, i was underwhelmed but will try again. the menu is extensive/innovative & the owners/staff seem eager to please, so i will give it another go. Round 1: meh.

            1. re: BlueSoup

              BlueSoup-If something is not hot enought, you can/should ask to have it put back into the oven. And being warm is better than being over-cooked ;>)
              As for taste, the piece I had was both hot and tasty-so perhaps they still have some kinks to work out including timing and oven operation. All part of a cold opening. And the owner seems very open to suggestions/comments.
              And,as in any pizza place, have plenty of shakers around if you wish to top off.

              1. re: Jon1856

                i had expected/hoped for fresh basil-shaking dried italian herb mix or worse yet, oregano, out of a jar isn't an acceptable substitute imo. i know i can ask to have a slice popped back in but for the purposes of judging a new restaurant or eating establishment, i like to assess it just as they serve it. like i said, i'll give it another try, but MELT is the more enticing new eating option on Mamaroneck Ave by far.