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May 4, 2009 07:37 AM

Great Baltimore Lunch in Fell's Point?

My wife and I will be at Johns Hopkins in the morning, and we would love to have a real nice lunch somewhere nearby -- perhaps Fells Point. In the past, we've often stopped at Attman's as I have a thing for pastrami. But my wife is more of a seafood lover. Some friends had recommended Meli. Any other suggestions? (We're going 5/5 -- sorry for the last notice.

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  1. Duda's for a crabcake? It's pub fare/atmosphere with an outstanding crab cake. (Not sure if your criteria of "real nice" is a comment on wanting nice atmosphere, or just an enjoyable time).

    1. Mamas On The Half Shell in Canton, which is right next door to Fells Point!

      1. Thanks for the recs. Just now back online. Meli was very good. Last time in town we tried Mamas, which was fun as well!