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May 4, 2009 06:03 AM

Chicken and dressing casserole

My mother loves this dish and I wanted to make it for mothers day, but can't find a good recipe. Does anyone have one?

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  1. This is my favorite one, courtesy of Emeril..I have also just used a rotisserie chicken and bought stock. I also only use cornbread, no white bread, as my mom and grandmother only used cornbread. Otherwise, it is really good.

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      This Emeril recipe is pretty close to how I do it. I like to use 2 C of the Pepperidge Farm Country Style stuffing in place of the bread. It's cubes of several different breads and has good flavor. If you use white bread, toast it first. When he says you want it really wet, he means it! It should be almost soupy before you put it in to bake.

    2. You need a recipe of this? Make a batch of Pepperich Farms Dressing and a rotisserie chicken as mentioend. Combine, dust with bred crumbs and Parmesan cheese and bake...

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        Yes, you could do that. However, noone in my family likes the flavor of a bought dressing mix. Thanks for the mention of the parmesan though, I would like to try it on my own dressing.

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          Thanks for the tips. My family doesn't like the boxed dressing either, shes a bit of a food snob.

      2. just a tip — i like to mix french-style green beans into mine. really sends it over the edge :)

        1. Emeril almost nailed it.

          It's gotta have celery and onions and sage. Fresh sage microdiced if possible.

          3 cups cornbread to 1 cup heavily toasted white bread, instead of 2 to 2.

          Main issue: take the time to SHRED the chicken, then chop to various sizes, rather than the uniformity of cubing. If using rotisserie, moisten it after shredding and chopping.

          Emeril maybe hasn't met Jimmy Dean. Adding just a few pieces of precooked sage breakfast sausage, pounded to tiny particles, adds to the matrix with that final "je ne sais quoi". If no sausage, pound and pulverize some of the chicken.

          Be sure to go Soupy soupy soupy way past what you'd think if it's your first time. It firms up. If it goes in only "moist", it dries out.

          1. This is a "you don't need a recipe" sort of thing. Your favorite type of dressing, leftover bird (I prefer turkey) -- boneless -- all mixed together and baked until steamy hot. And -- this is important -- served with lots of gravy. And cranberry sauce.