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May 4, 2009 05:38 AM

Lunch in Kingston...

I'll be driving from Montreal to Toronto this coming Saturday (May 9) and will
be around Kingston lunchtime. Any suggestions for a good local place (no chains) serving light lunches (soups, salads, sandwiches) not too far from the 401. Thanks.

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  1. Well if you want to go right into Kingston down by the waterfront there is really only one place. Chez Piggy 68 Princess Street 613 549-7673... . I've been going there since my Queen's college days in the 80's and always drop by anytime I'm back in Kingston. Situated in an old limestone stable, the historic surroundings only serve to compliment the tasty fare. Never disappointed. Up by the highway you'll run mostly into fast-food chains.

    1. There was just a posting on this last week or the week before -- if you search back a bit there were lots of good responses for places in Kingston

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        Thanks for the suggestion. I found the posting and now have several interesting sounding choices for lunch.

      2. When I was going to school at Queen's, my favorite place for a quick and delicious lunch was at the Swedish Fry Truck which is located on campus at very end of Division street. They have great sandwiches and their potato salad is very good. My favorite is the turkey sandwich with potato salad on top. As for distance from the 401, it's very close. Just take the Division street exit (I believe it's exit 617) and head all the way down Division Street to the end. The Swedish Fry truck should be there at the intersection.

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          my vote goes to Woodenheads, really good lunch and authentic wood oven for pizza

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            I realize this is a super old post but this truck is AMAZING! I went to Queen's as well and am still thinking about this truck on a regular basis several years later. The best was the grilled chicken sandwich which is served with potato salad on it. Sounds weird... but it's amazing.

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              Sadly the truck changed ownership and the quality/selection is just not the same. The grilled chicken sandwich is gone! It was my go-to when I had to buy lunch during the first couple of years of my undergrad.

              I remember that I started chewing gum so I could get the sandwich with extra onions even when I had to be on campus all day.