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May 4, 2009 05:36 AM

Any restaurants in Westchester/Bronx/Lower Ct?

Looking for a place for the family to get together for Mother's want somethign fairly nice (not a pizza or bagel place). We're coming from Ct, NJ and NY so somewhere in Westchester, Lower Fairfield county or the Bronx wld prob be the best location. Anyone know of possibilities?

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  1. I would suggest looking at places in Riverdale. It meets your geographic criteria and probably has the most options in that region. I'm not super familiar with Riverdale options, but Shamash should have a list.

    1. There's Eden Wok glatt kosher chinese and Grill point in New Rochelle

      1. Claire's Cornercopia is in CT- not sure where, but I know it's near Yale. Might be too far though..

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          Claire's is in downtown New Haven, which is not part of Fairfield County, even though it may be considered souhern Connecticut. I don't think that there are any kosher restaurants in Fairfield.

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            Wasn't sure exactly where is was, but I thought it's worth suggesting. We drive up to NH every year, and I sleep the first half and drive the second half of the trip :)

        2. This is late for mother's day, but in Riverdale there is Ginger Grill. They describe themselves as an asian steakhouse. Food is good, atmosphere is good, cost is reasonable.