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May 4, 2009 05:12 AM

New List of Oyster Happy Hours?

After a fairly exhaustive search of CH--looks like we are well due a new list of Oyster Happy Hours in NYC. Especially with all of the so-called "recession specials". Has anyone happened upon any good ones. Anyone want to reiterate a tried and true spot that offers the elusive dollar oyster?

I just noticed that Wombat in Wburg, the Australian spot down the street from my apartment, has $1 oysters on Monday.

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    1. re: JungMann

      The thread wasn't all really related to the question (super cheap, recently super cheap because of recession), but this list: was super helpful as far as the tried and true oyster happy hours, and recent! Thanks!

    2. Lure Fishbar

      142 Mercer St.; 212-431-7676
      Via NYPost:
      Monday-Friday, 5-7 p.m.: All hands on deck! The yacht-like surroundings may be swank, but the bar/lounge's popular happy hour is perfect for the hoi polloi. Despite the crowds, servers do a good job of hustling out $1 oysters ("from Fire Island"), $7 shrimp cocktails (three jumbo specimens), $7 crispy calamari (a nice tangle with smoky chili dipping sauce) and $8 fried oysters (four tempura-battered nuggets). Skip the $7 cocktails -- they taste overwhelmingly of sour mix -- and opt for a $5 bottle of beer.

      1. Fish in the west village. 6 oyster or 6 clams PLUS a drink. Grand total = $8. That is a great deal if you ask me. And i believe it's 7 days a week

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        1. re: banjolinana

          it is one of the best deals in NYC. fresh plump oysters or clams and a decent glass of wine (or beer) for 8$. i forgot about this place and now it's time to revisit.
          stay away from the lobster mac & cheese. not enough lobster, not enough cheese.

        2. Any updates or recent experiences with this anyone? I adore raw oysters; the more briney the better. Lemon and hot sauce or mignonette and slurp away. Darn it; now I have a hankering and the closest thing to an oyster right now are my pearl earrings. (Not as delicious).

          1. Weather Up on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn has oysters for $12 a dozen (I think $8 for 1/2 dozen) and fried chicken for 5 pieces for $8 on Thursdays and Sundays. The cocktails and chicken are better than the oysters though.