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May 4, 2009 05:07 AM

Goodstone Inn - you will leave hungry

My wife and I recently had a pleasant dinner at the Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, VA. Food was prepared and presented in an outstanding manner, but in microscopic portions. Now please understand that we are not looking to devour mass quantities....our combined weight is under 300 lbs and combined height is 11 ft 5 in.

After the "main course" we were joking about the portion size, and pretty disgusted. Fortunately there were several excellent ice cream establishments on the road back to Fairfax County.

Not the first time this has happened to us. Don't go to the Obelisk in DC or Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA unless you eat a meal first.

Just say NO to nouvelle cuisine.

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  1. I was with you up until the point that you said you left Obelisk hungry - I've only been once but I don't think I ate the day after. You guys must just be big eaters.

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    1. re: reiflame

      Have to agree -- I've NEVER left Obelisk hungry -- I think the serving portions are just right.

    2. That's what the bread basket is for!

      Remember Bob W.'s rule: "Good restaurants may have bad bread, but bad restaurants will never have good bread."

      1. The Obelisk must have changed. We had our mini-meal there about 15 years ago, with friends. We never returned because of the laughable portions.

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        1. re: whimbrel

          15 years?! Then your comment was truly unfair, as you made no note of the fact that your experience was so long ago. As a general rule of thumb, I think it’s unfair to post comments or reviews about restaurants that one has not visited in recent years, unless those remarks begin with the admission that the experience dates from a long time ago. That goes for both negative and positive remarks. Fifteen years is an eternity in the life of a restaurant. Most good restaurants are not static. The restaurant you visit today will not be the same restaurant you visited years ago.

          1. re: Lauman

            We had dinner at Obelisk on Saturday night, 12 days ago. There were five "appetizer" courses of at least two to three bites each, then a first course ("traditionally"sized with 8 to 10 bites), a second course ("main course" similarly with 8 to 10 bites or more), a cheese course (four different cheeses and several fruit spreads with each cheese having two to three bites) and a dessert. There was also an amuse and a chocolate "treat" to take with us. $75 prix fixe and an absolute bargain.

            We walked past the nearby 7-11, my wife thought understandably sated. I tried to talk her into ice cream at Thomas Sweet and she looked at me like I was truly crazy!

        2. Out of curiosity, how much did you spend at Goodstone?