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May 4, 2009 04:21 AM

Updates on Afternoon Tea

We have been to the former Ritz, Bristol Lounge, Boston Harbour Hotel and now need a new spot when next in town visiting colleges. Do you recommend Boston Park Plaza or L'Espalier?

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  1. What about the Taj or Upstairs on the Square? Not specifically on your list, but both do a delightful job. Tea at the Taj is definitely more formal, but Tea at Upstairs on the Square is a lot of fun - especially if you sit in their Zebra Room which is really cool and funky.

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      I second tea at Upstairs on the Square! It's a lovely place to enjoy tea. I believe it was $20 pp when I went last year and that included your choice of tea and a variety of savory and sweet items. One of the eateries in the Boston Public Library also offered a high tea. Not sure if they still do. It was rather pricey though ~$40 pp if I remember correctly.

      1. re: BroadwayBound

        According to their websites, it's $28pp now.

        Zebra Tea
        Our traditional three-tiered afternoon tea:
        Savory Treat, Assortment of Tea Sandwiches,
        UpStairs Sweets & Pot of Tea $28

        Zebra Tea (with a Kick
        )Traditional Three Tiered Tea and a Glass of Bubbly $35

        Grand Peppermint Tea
        Chocolate Square, Fudge Brownie & Mini-Peppermint Parfait
        with Pot of Wild Mint $18

    2. L'Espalier has wonderful food at their tea, particularly the pastries, however it is exquisitely formal. If you're looking to relax, I would second Upstairs on the Square. However, if you enjoy over the top formal, L'Espalier is lovely. (It's also a good way to get an experience there without paying what a dinner would involve...)