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Eating - NT/Darwin

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I am hoping to visit Darwin at some stage as part of a return journey to Australia.

Sydney I am covered, fingers crossed for Tetsuyas/Quay/Pier, but as for the far north I am a little lost, any help much appreciated.

I am not expecting fine dining, but good eating/drinking/coffee recommendations would be great.


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  1. My lingering memory of Darwin is barramundi... you basically can't get any other fish besides barra, though it's usually fried and dripping with old smelly oil - sigh. If it doesn't say grilled on the menu don't bother.

    My last trip to Darwin was very Italian. I suggest Chianti's in the city, at Cullen Bay I suggest the pizza at Seadogs, and if you want to buy your way into the record books there's a $300 foccacia at Il Piatto at SkyCity which was slightly beyond my means :-)

    If you're crowd friendly the Mindil markets have some surprisingly good food. If you're self catering I rate the gourmet deli in Parap, they have very decent bread and a good range of cheese and smallgoods (including, last I was there, jamon iberico, bone in).

    1. Roma bar in town does a good coffee and they make some interesting breakfasts - dhal, cereal thrillers, sago.. they also have the standard stuff. Ducks Nuts also does good coffee. For food i would go to the new greek restaurant Manoli's on Smith St - they do some really beautiful fresh mezedes and make sure you have their desserts and a greek coffee!!!