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Jul 21, 2004 08:35 PM

Where to eat in Long Beach -- near the Aquarium

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Off tomorrow to visit the Aquarium and -- with the help of people on this board -- find an interesting place to eat lunch. Something good, uncommon, ethnic. Suggestions please.

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  1. Georges Greek Restaurant on Pine Avenue. Great Greek food, have to get the salmon or the chicken Gyro. A wonderful restaurant with good service.

    1. You can walk 100 yards over to PF Changs-easily my favorite chain.

      Or take the Aqualink (info at the Aquarium-pick up is next door) $2 catamaran over to Alamitos Bay where there are 4 restaurants where you dock there.


      1. About a mile or so from the aquarium is Siem Reap, a cambodian-chinese place. the waitstaff will tell you which dishes are typically Cambodian.
        Siem Reap Restaurant, (562) 591-7414, 1810 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA.

        See link below for Cambodian restaurants in general - these are owned by people who've listed, yes there's a church's fried chicken and some pho places. Use your judgment.