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May 4, 2009 12:54 AM

In-n-Out vs. Fat Burger

Dear fellow Chowhounds,
I'll be heading to the greater Los Angeles area in July, determined to eat some seriously delicious and greasy cheeseburgers and I'm curious what your thoughts are on In-n-Out vs. Fat Burger. I'm torn between the two, even on the fry issue I can't decide between some Fat fries or skinny Animal-style fresh cut potatoes. What are your thoughts on the issue?
Also, for you In-n-Out enthusiasts, what's the most number of burger patties you've ever seen stacked together on a single bun?

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  1. I once saw a publicity stunt where someone ordered a 100 by 100, yes I saw the picture, it was .Ridiculous. I am not much for fries so I cant comment on that but overall I think fatburger is vastly overpriced even though it is good. In n out is reasonably priced and the best ballance between bun and meat is the double double, I like it Animal style.

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      IMO Fatburger does get the edge on quality, esp. if you order your burger charbroiled (i.e. "on the char"), but I agree with malibumike--they're quite expensive for what they are. I find their fries mediocre (both kinds).

      For price/value, I go with InO. I too saw those 100x100 pix (I think it was the guy who ordered it for him and his friends), and it was truly disgusting.

      My standard order is for "DoubleDouble / Animal Style / no pickles / onion both ways, extra-extra grilled onion / fries well. YMMV. Please note that this complex order only gets screwed up occasionally, while my pizza orders (which are simpler) are constantly screwed up. InO workers really have it together.

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        The refreshing thing about both places is that they'll actually cook the beef rare or medium-rare if requested; many places default to medium to medium-well for health reasons. At Fat, on the char is essential. Excellent but IMO not worth the incremental increase is cost vs. INO. At INO, it's a double meat (no cheese), medium rare, grilled and raw (onions), mustard instead (of the dressing), animal style. If they would only fry their fries in beef suet...sigh.

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          I take my In-n-Out cheeseburger almost the same way: no pickles, onion both ways and fries very well done (sometimes I ask for crunchy). Double-doubles are too big for me and the largest I've seen personally was a 4x4.

          At Fatburger, I get the Babyfat w/egg & cheese, no pickles, no relish.

          And to the OP: Torn between the two? I hope you stop by both!

        1. I find the quality to be more consistent at In N Out Burger. Fatburger can be great, or it can be just plain dumb, depending on the particular franchisee. One Fat I went too got it right EVERY TIME. Another one a few miles away boggled one with it's ability to turn the outside of a patty to a black crisp while leaving the inside completely uncooked...

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            I agree that quality varies a lot from fatburger to fatburger but is usually very highly consistent at INO. Why not decide for yourself, double double animal style with well done frys and neopolitan shake at INO versus farburger with curly fries and chocolate shake. Mine as well visit pinks hot dogs for the tri-fecta.

          2. I guess on a side note, does anyone know all the special "ways" you can take your burger at In n' Out? I only know of Animal Style and Protein Style (lettuce instead of bun), but I've heard there are many more, Flying Dutchman, etc . . . anyone know?

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              This post mentions where the secret menu can be found:
     -- Another case for In N Out!

              And this is another interesting one:
     -- How do you IN-N-OUT?

              In-n-Out is discussed fairly often here so there are many past threads if you do a little search.

              1. re: dannyrogue

                or you can google "In-n-Out secret menu"