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May 3, 2009 11:46 PM

phx: are there any non-chain kitchen stores left?


i was looking for a kitchen gadget gift for a friend, and was looking for a non-chain kitchen store, preferably in central phoenix. are there any left?

just checking...

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    1. We stumbled across Plate it Up! in Glendale Sat night while going to La Piazza al Forno. It's next door and was sporting a "Best in Phoenix: Best Kitchen Store" from the AZCentral 2008 sign in the window. It's not even too far for you even if it's not in CenPho. I'm sure you can hire a local guide or something to find it. :)

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      1. re: Firenza00

        Was this the same shop that used to be located at Indian Bend and Scottsdale Rd? When we moved here, they were pretty good, but lost track of them.

        Kitchen Classics got our attention, but they are now history.

        Good question - anywhere in the Valley.


        1. re: Firenza00

          Unfortunately I just got an email from them that they are closing for good. It was sad. I liked the shop a lot, though it wasn't convenient for me enough to shop there often. I thought their last line was interesting - she begged for people to understand that they never marked up that much so don't expect 75% reductions.

        2. What about Kitchen Classics on 40th Street and Thomas. I am not sure if they are a chain but this is the only one I know of in Arizona.

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            1. re: azhotdish

              they used to be my go to store *sniff* i took my first cooking class there about 15 years ago

              1. re: azhotdish

                What a shame! I was seriously worried about them when their Christmastime newsletter was so bleak and pleading, and when they never ordered a new shipment of the cocoa powder I loved so much. They'd been around for decades, and I'm very sorry to hear that they've closed.

                There's a place on the west side of Gilbert road, in a shopping plaza north of Guadalupe, I believe. It's a kitchen store, and has a new sign saying "Grand Re-Opening." It's not a name I recognize, so I think it might be an independent place. I'll check it out this weekend.

                SRS does have a lot of fun toys, but it doesn't fill quite the need that a place like Kitchen Classics did, especially with all the wonderful classes they offered. Restaurant Depot seems to have better prices when I compare apples to apples, but they have a slightly different focus (not as much equipment) and you need a business license to shop there.

                1. re: azhotdish

                  So sad. i had thought about taking days off to take classes there, they looked fun.

                  1. re: AguasFrescas

                    when i was in a couple times the week they closed, i asked about the classes and the woman said they were intending on continuing the classes somewhere in tempe, but i do not have any more details. perhaps if someone knows anything more, they will post.

              2. It's not so great for the design-conscious gee-whiz tools, but Standard Restaurant Supply on 29th St. and McDowell has lots of day-to-day good basic tools.

                I'd take a good, versatile hotel pan over an avocado slicer any day (grin). Good deals on heavy-duty Cambro plastic containers in many sizes, too.

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                1. re: Starka

                  Ooh. I've been half-assedly looking for a place to get a good price on those containers. Is the store open to the public?

                  Standard Restaurant Supply
                  2922 E Mcdowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ

                  1. re: hohokam

                    Or there is always National Restaurant Supply, which carries Vollrath!

                    I believe SRS is open to the public as well.

                    National Restaurant Supply Co.
                    5010 South 48th Street, Phoenix, AZ

                      1. re: winedubar

                        si! si!

                        I need to organizize my chest freezer. It's barely a 1/3 full and it's already out of control.

                        I'll touch base once I'm back in town.

                    1. re: Starka

                      We go to SRS all the time (well, relatively speaking) when we need generic stuff. Definitely open to the public and the staff is usually pretty helpful.

                    2. Do you have something specific in mind? I've found myself heading to specialty shops and ethnic markets these days. A knife shop for a knife. A specific ethnic market for a bento box, bamboo steamer or spice mortar, for example.

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                      1. re: tastyjon

                        a friend is closing on their first house....a budding foodie is in the family so i thought i'd encourage the cooking part ;) a big all purpose basket of can't live without tools (microplane grater, tongs,silpat, silicone spatulas/scrapers, etc)

                        1. re: winedubar

                          not that i'm trying to discourage shopping local by any means, but amazon has a 4 for 3 offer on that kind of stuff right now...