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May 3, 2009 07:13 PM


Where can I buy paneer cheese in Philadelphia. I live in South Philly and have to rely on Septa. Thanks in advance for the assistance

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  1. Frozen in blocks at the International Grocery, 4203 Walnut. Frozen works just fine.

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    1. re: missclaudy

      Thank you. I am hoping someone can come up with something closer. Perhaps Center City or South Philly

      1. re: LauraInPhilly

        I don't think there are any Indian population pockets in either place.

        1. re: LauraInPhilly

          I second International Grocery at 42nd and Walnut. Just take the Market Frankord line, and it's a couple of blocks walk from the stop. We always get ours there (frozen), and it's delicious. It's also around the corner from a couple of the best kabob places in the city (Kabobeesh and Saad's)

      2. It's not hard to make. If you want to buy, WHole Foods used to have it. I haven't looked in a while, but they might still have it.

        1. Whole Foods on South Street has it. It's in cooler by the registers - by the WF cream cheese spreads..and the hummus

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            thanks for the WF idea. That is my best bet or the easiest for me to get to

          2. I feel as though I've seen it at Trader Joe's before. Try calling them to save wasting a trip though. If not, perhaps your local Indian restaurant will sell you a small amount.