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May 3, 2009 06:47 PM

Dockside Pub in Mahopac reopening under new ownership with former chef from X2O

I read an article in North County News this week that the former Dockside Pub in Mahopac is reopening as the Terrace Club and one of the partners and executive chef will be Kenneth Breiman, which it says was most recently executive chef at X2O. This certainly sounds promising (although according to a Google search it also appears that he was previously at Mighty Joe Youngs, so I'm not sure that we should be expecting to see X2O-type food at this new place).

Here's the article from NCN:

Restaurant's website (currently nothing on it but their email): . I'm going to email them and ask if they have a menu.

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  1. This is very good news. Kenneth Breiman was the chef at Mighty Joe Young's in Hartsdale when it first opened and was very very good. I am looking forward to this opening!

    1. Ate there last night, food was outstanding. From the appetizers to the NY Strip, to the fancy desserts, everything well prepared and full of flavor. Great atmosphere, beautiful view of the water through large windows. Staff friendly and service good. Great food/Great atmosphere will have me going back for more.

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        Just currious, dineout, what were the prices like? We are going out with some friends next Wednesday and just wanted to get an idea so I can see if they would want tot try it too. Thanks!

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          Prices are extremely reasonable. Strip Steak was 22, and was better than some steaks that I've paid 40+ for. I have been back and I had another great experience, beautiful views, and with a few weeks under their belt, the service staff seemed more comfortable.The entire menu is now on their website.


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              I had completely forgotten about this place (and I am the original poster). The menu does look very reasonable and very interesting. We'll have to check it out!

        2. I read about this and am so looking forward to going. Glad to hear they have opened!

          1. So is this the place that is right on Lake Mahopac? Do they have outside dining?

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              IIRC Dockside did....
              And yes it does:
              In addition to indoor and outdoor dining, there are two bars and an outdoor lounge.

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                Enjoyed dinner there tonight for the first time. The hangar steak was very good as were the shoestring fries. The strawberry shortcake was to die for. It was very busy and since we were told we would have to wait an hour and a half for a table outside, we opted to eat indoors and had to wait just 5 minutes. We still had a beatiful view of the lake and the service was good, considering it is not open for too long. It is very noisy , but we will definitely return. A welcome addition to the dining scene in that area.

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                  At last a casual place that has very good food! The menu is short but well executed and a little bit different than all the other boring and mediocre fare in the area. We enjoyed everything we tasted and reminisced over the coconut shrimp that was a signature dish of the Four Seasons in NYC many years oldie but goody. The service was good with a young and positive waitstaff. If the weather is nice positively dine outside at lakeside.

            2. Went last night for the first time.
              Pros: The view - beautiful
              The food - excellent. The meal started with truffled popcorn - my husband had the tuna/salmon tartare parfait which was excellent and the hangar steak which was glazed and perfect. My chicken was ok - I will opt for something else next time, but my warm and gooey black and white chocolcate cake was the same delicious cake they used to serve at Mighty Joes and it was great. We were told that the pastry chef is the chef's wife who was the pastry chef at MJY back when it was good. The prices were very reasonable compared to where we live in the Mt. Kisco area.
              The cons: Small and crowded, though they now take reservations, one room was closed last night for a private party so they crammed in extra tables. We were at a 1/2 size table that was so small they had to take off the flowers, etc. And they were so close together I was constantly geting bumped. The service was good from the server, but I had to ask the bus boy for our bread.
              Bottom line - we will go back. I am a fan of chef Breiman from Luna, MJY and X20. The menu was much like the original MJY. I can't wait to go in the warm weather and sit outside on the water.