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May 3, 2009 06:36 PM

Disappointed in Moonshine brunch

When we venture into Austin for brunch, it's usually Dim Sum at Chinatown (which I highly recommend). We used to do Fonda San Miguel, but the price is high and quality don't seem to be what it used to be.

So we looked at Lambert's, Uncle Billy's, Threadgills and Moonshine before deciding on Moonshine.

The good news is service was friendly and prompt. The chafing dishes are half-size so things are generally hot and fresh. However, the flavors and quality are just not there.

Highlights were the Sweet Potaoto Casserole, Turkey Croissant and Cinnamon Sticky Bun. The green egg scramble was actually very tasty. I need to get some pest in my eggs. The fried chicken tenders were perfectly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. My wife enjoyed the turkey croissant.

The mini-biscuits are nice, but the Chipotle cream gravy was flavorless. The corned beef has, King Ranch casserole, omelette, and most disappointingly, the migas, were basically flavorless. Goops of cheese didn't do much to save the soggy interior. The sausage was chewy and dry. The deviled eggs had very hard whites and almost liquid deviled yolks. The white chocolate bread pudding was gorgeous looking and airy, but the flavor had no depth, tsting more like soggy sweet bread with a bit of white chocolate, rather than the wonderful custard texture and taste that the dish could have been.

2 adults and a child with ice teas was $56 with tip. So next time it's back to Chinatown, Threadgills or Lamberts. Other suggestion welcome.

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  1. I'm confused. What does this mean: "I need to get some pest in my eggs"?

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        Yes, pesto. The basil pesto in the green eggs was much better than expected.

        1. re: hnewburn

          I have had two subpar experiences at Moonshine's brunch and recently had a terrible dinner there. We used to love going there and often had birthday dinners and other celebrations there. Over the last few months it seems like the food and the service have declined substantially, not sure if there was a management change.

          Back to other brunch options. Lamberts is great, lots of options, and they don't let the food sit out for too long without replenishing. Trio at the Four Seasons is pricery but excellent on all levels. There are tons and tons and tons of items to choose from so everyone in your group will be happy. Z Tejas does a nice brunch. South Congress Cafe is another favorite. They have all the basics you would expect at brunch but some unexpected options as well. I have not been but I have heard La Taverna has a great brunch.

          1. re: littleok

            Taverna has an AWESOME brunch, I live near Round Rock but used to drive there on most Sundays for the awesome food and the awesome Mimosa discounts. Then it was $5 dollar bottomless Mimosa's, I think once people caught on though they raised it to $1 mimosa's. Still a great deal!

      2. I'm okay with Moonshine's brunch, but I'm not a fan of waits and poorly placed, highly-congested buffet lines.

        I wish Starlite were still around because I really enjoyed their brunch. In that restaurant's absence however, my first choice would probably be Eastside Cafe. There is often a wait, but there is also a decent coffee place across the street and a kitschy gift shop on the restaurant's property. The food and service are solid, and the curtains never fail to amuse me.

        I also wind up with some frequency at Blue Star Cafeteria and Zocalo/Galaxy (these two because of their proximity more than anything else). I like Olivia's brunch, enjoy Mulberry's brunch outside on nice days, and have heard-- but not tried-- good things about Paggi House's brunch. I've been to Taverna several times for brunch and feel lukewarm about it: there's nothing especially novel on the menu, and I get the feeling that the kitchen is sometimes too weeded to execute as well as they might otherwise.