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May 3, 2009 05:51 PM

Hollywood area outdoor seating

aside from Orso and Little Door...any suggestions of where we can have a nice dinner and sit outside in Hollywood area?

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  1. Panne e Vino is more West Hollywood-ish....but they have a lovely patio. Also, Susan Fenniger's new place, Street, has a patio. Went there last week and loved it. Very interesting flavors, fun cocktails, terrific staff and a very nice atmosphere. If you come a bit further east, to Los Feliz, Cliff's Edge has one of the best patios in town. Food is fine...but nothing spectacular. But the space is magical.

    1. I believe Prezzi's Piazza has an outdoor patio just as you enter the front door and the food is really very good. Large portions. Great garlic rolls (twists). On Franklin between Gower and Bronson.

      1. Cafe de Artistes has a lovely patio in the back.

        1. the hungry cat (sunset/vine) has excellent food, raw bar, and seasonal cocktails. the cat and fiddle has a great burger (not much else is good) and a nice beer selection with a large patio off the street. magnolia, bowery, delancey and mission cantina also have small patios.