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May 3, 2009 05:25 PM

Need help for last night in Tokyo

I:m in Tokyo with my nephew , his wife and their two kids 4 and 7. We are staying near Shiodome and we are looking for a restaurant for our last night here before I return to the states and they return to Osaka. We need something that is child friendly - translation, not too high end - and something that will be fun for the adults. It can be right in this area or near Ginza so that it is walking distance. I was thinking of teppanyaki since I haven:t had that in Japan and it might be fun for the kids. We are generally open tho I do want it to be Japanese and not sushi. I know this is last-minute but I:d appreciate any help I can get! Thanks.

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  1. Tanyu Kurumaya in the Caretta complex ( ) is fun and reasonably priced, with great food. The main attraction is their yakitori made from Nagoya cochin, but they also have nice grilled beef, good sashimi, and interesting regional dishes.

    (Teppanyaki tends to be pretty expensive, so maybe not what you're looking for.)

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      Thanks for the heads-up on teppanyaki costs etc. Its almost more the fact that an expensive meal and place is not the best setting for two young children or at least THESE two young children!

      We followed your suggestion to the extent that we went to the Caretta complex but we went to a shabu shabu place instead of the teppanyaki. I dont know the name of it but it was on the B2 floor with a large number of other restaurants. It was a delicious meal - we got three pork sets and shared some additional dishes. It was different from other shabu shabu Ive had in that a broth with thin sliced scallions or onions was served to put the cooked meat and vegetables into. There were some interesting side dishes including a steamed 'sushi' and rice dish as well as a small dish of miso and pork among other side dishes and a final soup after the udon. It was teriffic and perfect to share with the kids.

      Thanks again for your quick response. It gave me a lovely final meal for my Japan trip with my family. I hope to return the favor if you are ever in Brooklyn or NYC!