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May 3, 2009 04:37 PM

Best places to buy truffle oil in Manhattan?

Where is the best truffle oil I can buy in Manhattan, or mail-order, if I must (but I'm not looking to buy a case, simply 1-2 bottles).


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  1. I usually buy a small bottle at the Italian Market (sorry I don't know the name) in Chelsea Market. Not sure how their price compares to others. I think Fairway has it too, but I haven't been to Fairway in awhile.

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      I tried Olive Oil & CO but wasn't impressed with the quality.

    2. Buon Italia in Chelsea MArket would be a good place to start. Every supermarket sells truffle oil these days.

      You are not going to get amazing olive oil if you buy it infused with the synthetic truffle compounds. So I am not even sure how "good" the oil has to be. Urbani has a good reputation, though.

      1. Was at Zabar's last weekend and they have a nice selection of white and black truffle oil, reasonably priced.

        1. It's fairly old news, and old news on, but just in case word has not got everywhere, "truffle oil" is a fake thing... so, not sure what the OP is looking for

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            Since truffle oil is really synthetic and can be a bit nasty tasting, I usually prefer to use a truffle paste, which, as mentioned above, can be found at Buonitalia in Chelsea Market. The white is quite a bit more expensive than the black, but really adds tremendous flavor to pasta and risotto dishes. Not sure about finding Urbani products in NYC; I've found them on Amazon.

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              markabauman, interesting. What if you need the oil to drizzle over homemade mac n cheese? Do you combine a delicious olive oil with the paste? Thanks.

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                We've done something like that in a cooking class I took. Seems, however, that we also may have had some real truffle oil, not the synthetic stuff, for drizzling. Might have come from Urbani or Buongustaio, not sure.