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May 3, 2009 04:30 PM

Jardek's donuts, Billerica

Someone mentioned this place in another thread regarding donuts. Has anyone been lately and if so, what do you think? My usual favorites are Kane's and Donuts with a Difference but on occasion I'm in this area and could check it out. Thanks

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  1. We stop there daily on the way to work. Most of the time we get breakfast sandwiches, but my daughter gets a donut on Fridays as an end of week treat.

    My coworkers have decided that I am no longer allowed to show up with a dozen from there as there aren't enough of them.

    Hope this helps.


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    1. re: aholsber

      Sounds like I'll be venturing here in the near future. I may need help with self control if they are as good as they are reported as being both here and on yelp. Thanks!

    2. tweetie, you have GREAT judgement in doughnuts Kanes and DWD in Medford Sq are simply the best I've ever had.

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        Wanted to follow up and report on my recent visit which was very positive. The owner could not have been more pleasant as we chatted about the place and the donuts which are made on site and fresh daily. He closes at 12 and by 11am when I was there many varieties (and there are quite a few) were gone but he happily dipped some plain donuts to make coconut and buttercrunch ones for me. I tend to like old fashioned cake donuts and was very happy with the plain, chocolate covered, marble glazed crullers and aforementioned choices. He also had lots of filled ones like jelly (sugar and glazed) lemon (round and crullers) Boston cream, blueberry as well as apple fritters, coffee rolls and muffins. After filling my order he bagged a plain and an apple fritter and offered them to me with his compliments. I will certainly visit again as it is a very solid option in that area along the lines of Donuts with a Difference and Demet's and at under $8 a dozen, a real bargain.

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          I was there a couple of Saturdays ago (on my way to an event for adopted greyhounds), shortly before their noon closing, having read about them on CH. I got a decaf and apple fritter to go. The people were very nice but the coffee was awful and the fritter both leaden and dry. Took one bite, then lobbed it to Rorschach, who was now even happier than he had been when he got to come along in the car while his 2 greymates stayed home.

      2. Jardek sounds a little Polish - does he do paczki?

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        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Didn't try the coffee or the fritter which I passed on to a 12 year old and I'm not sure he ate it.(I did a drop and run) Maybe a case of having to pick and choose your poison at this little place. As I said, the classic items were solid and I'll stop in again if I'm nearby.

        2. It used to be Superior Donuts and the jelly donuts they sold were the ultimate. I was having an addition put on my home, back then, and would buy a couple dozen every few days for the crew.

          I've been to Jardek's but while the people are really nice, the donuts just aren't so good. Maybe if I was there in the early morning rather than towards 10 . . . .

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          1. re: three of us

            Got to love these discussions. Reviews from sublime to horrific! I think I fall somewhere between the ends of the spectrum. Having only had the cake types I wonder if he's good at the basics and not much beyond. I know donuts have a limited freshness window but they should still be decent a few hours after they're made. I froze most of my dozen and they held up nicely. The method to my madness? Remove one from the freezer at 5am, run 7 miles, and upon return, enjoy with coffee and almost without guilt.